Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Park replaced by acting school trailers

Apparently no alternative site location, space, funding or City support solutions are available.

Image result for 1050 Crespi Drive Park, Pacifica, CA  picture
Location, 1050 Crespi Drive,
Oddstad, a neighborhood park.
 Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 4/28/15.  "Spindrift relocation" by Ted Luehs

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Oh no, there goes our neighborhood park.
"Editor: I like the Pacifica Spindrift Theatre, but maybe it has outgrown its location if it needs to expand and enlarge.
The plan to put portable classrooms on the flat grassy area of Oddstad Park is a bad idea. This is a park!! It is open space in a residential neighborhood. It is not a residential development area.

If the Pacifica Spindrift Theatre needs to expand, maybe they need to find a more suitable location. The Pacifica Performing Arts location on Linda Mar Blvd. comes to mind. The neighborhood is not conducive to finding room for the cars of 200 people that I am to understand this new plan will attract.

This influx of cars will put an unnecessary burden on the streets around the park. The parking lots are already too small to accommodate the current crowds. What is there, about 30 parking spots, and the theatre holds 100 people?

Turn right, narrow auto path
up the hill to the playhouse.
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Can't the City do better than something like this?
People like to walk their dogs in this area, or just park in the parking lot and have some quiet time among the trees. On some nights, the neighborhood hears the yelping of the coyotes in the park. Local kids like to shoot hoops at the basketball backboard. They buy their own net when the current one gets worn.

I hope the powers in charge are sensitive to the needs of the Pacifica Spindrift Theatre and can find a suitable location for their classroom plans, but Oddstad Park is not the right location"

Reference. Organization -Spindrift School of Performing Arts,  Facility grounds, Pacifica Spindrift Players

Note photographs: Park entry photographs from Pacifica Spindrift Players.  "Oh no,.." from (source Trailers by Miller photography, Richmond Hill HS/Queens, NY, United Federation of Teachers (UFT).

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more whales to rot in place. Nine of them. Pacifica is schizoid. Gaga over Harmony @ 1 and then we park a mess of trailers in a residential area. Are these new trailers or some used junk? Matters not, when it's for art, dahling.

Anonymous said...

The Park needs to be saved, how selfish to just throw out a bunch of trailers to have performances. What's wrong with the theatre that's there now? I grew up with this park, I really don't want to see this "Project" built where I once played as a kid, where my dogs have played since they were Pups. This issue will be brought up with neighbors to stop the project. Stop destroying the little things that mean a lot to quite a group of people in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Careful 628. You are dangerously close to being called a nimby. Or will you slide by under the "trailers don't count" rule?

Anonymous said...

CAREFUL 7:49 you're close to being a real Nit-Wit that you must be.

Anonymous said...

That's a tough moment 313 (628)--when you find out that given the right circumstances you are what you claim to despise. We could use an epidemic of that.

Anonymous said...

maybe when the trailers are in place I'll throw the Frisbee at it so my dog can chase it down or how about throwing a tennis ball against the trailers so my dog can fetch it. That should send a message. It's like not everyone approves of this move, does that make us haters??? Obviously you probably have never had the experience to sadly see something go that you've known for many years. It's ridiculous to put the trailers in the middle of the park. I don't object to local arts or festivals, events just make a move that makes sense.In this case of the trailers it doesn't make any sense. There are things that the city ruined about that beautiful park that really gripe me when you look at the money they make along with the fact that are tax dollars are being indirectly put into their pockets. Signed:Studdly Duddley

Mark Thomas said...

I went to the PSP play on Sunday then notice they have the park bathroom torn down with roped off area on the lawn (that I tripped upon)where the Studio is going to be. What a shame that a field that I played baseball and football on is being replaced by a bunch of screaming kids in a bunch of trailers. Obviously the overpaid City Public Works employees never got off their lazy behinds to maintain what was a beautiful park. It's great to see people involved in performing yet this doesn't make any sense except the fact that the SSPA is just paying $3,600 for the land the first year. Afterwards they pay 2.5 % each year on increase for 10 years. This is a 6,630 sq foot building , hell I pay $120.00 month for a storage space that is 6 x 6 x 8 feet in dimensions. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

The trailers have been delivered. Ripped up part of Crespi getting them in the park.

Anonymous said...

The trailers have been installed. What a horrible edition to our park... no attempt to blend into the surrounding environment. How about some shrubbery to hide this beast?

thanks planning commission. you suck.

Anonymous said...

12:13 Correctamundo. Planning Commission sucks...up to NIMBIES to get themselves elected to council where they can complete the task of killing Pacifica.

CWR said...

Complete recall of City Council, The Planning Commission as well whom are all about making ''Scalp-Scratching Decisions.''

Anonymous said...

Where is John Gault?