Thursday, May 28, 2015

Economic development tools: increase taxes and business potential

From Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 5/27/15 print newspaper. "First ever economic development manager hired to boost business."
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Time to get focused
on City revenue, Pacifica

 ....  "City Council recently established that position to help boost Pacifica's business climate.  City Manager Lorie Tinfow chose Anne Stedler to fill the position (of Economic Development Manager) three weeks ago.

....  .. "It starts now because of the urgency of improving Pacifica's revenues by growing the tax base. 'We have to grow our tax base by 50 percent just to cover police and fire,' she said.  She is working on several fronts to improve the tax base. She's looking at ways to to increase sales tax, property tax and temporary occupancy tax. 

 ---- 'We should make it easier for business decision makers to invest in Pacifica,' she said, 'and and target businesses that are the best fits for Pacifica.'"

Reference City of Pacifica Agenda 10/27/14 Summary Report, pdf pages 5. Item 8. "Establish a new Economic Development division within the City Manager's Office and approve a new Economic Development Manager position."  City of Pacifica/Resolution 1578, adopted 10/27/14 unanimously by City Council:  Len Stone, Sue Digre, Mary Ann Nihart, Karen Ervin, Mike O'Neill. 

Related Fix Pacifica articles - "Meet new Economic Development Director," by Victor Spano, 5/22/15.  City Council Agenda, 10/27/14.

Note photograph from the front page of a Washington Examiner article by Paul Bedard, 5/24/15.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh said...

The electronic link to this article did not seem to be available when I searched today. If you find the link let us know, and I'll attach it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Guess they wanted to make sure she'd report for duty before announcing the position was filled. Sensible.

The Local Libertarian said...

There is not a lot of room to improve tax base by 50% with the current population numbers. They could rezone Palmetto area for high rise business district to attract businesses with prime pacific ocean views and excellent connectivity. A high rise /financial district in Palmetto area along with other smaller businesses/bars/restaurants is a no-brainer.

Keep the current rates, but attract more businesses by make it easy for them to move and build in Pacifica. Understandably part of Palmetto cliffs are not exactly stable. But this can be addressed with appropriate engineering.

Steve Sinai said...

It's insane to build anything on those cliffs.

The Local Libertarian said...

Its insane to build anything taller than 50ft said the guy who built the first hut.

Today, we have ocean rigs that rise 100s of feet into air on ocean.
Building on those cliffs is an engineering and a financial problem. And can be well addressed with the right political and financial will.

Steve Sinai said...

"Its insane to build anything taller than 50ft said the guy who built the first hut."

Source, please.

Anonymous said...

You can build on the cliffs and bluffs

It depends how much you want to spend tieing the piers to bedrock.

I don't think Pacifica has any building taller than 3 stories.

falling off the bluff said...


Instead of demanding proof. Why don't you Google answers and post.

Enlighten us.

First of all building on the bluffs is challenging due to:

Nothing left on Pedro point bluffs.
Pacifica quarry bluffs, quarry project good luck.
Moris point gone for ever
Esplande apartments falling off bluffs
Palmetto is a zoning nightmare, plus is toxic hot due to the wrecking yard
Palmetto to mussel Rock fagataboutit

Anonymous said...


Lincoln logs and Lego' s don't count.

Anonymous said...

Building on those cliffs is not an engineering problem, it's a Mother Nature problem. You can't "tie piers into bedrock" because there is no bedrock. The cliffs are always eroding. Sometimes cliff retreat is in enormous chunks. Mother Nature is moving the bluffs eastward and she won't stop just because you built on piers. Eventually you will end up with a building on top of piers standing on the beach with no bluff underneath.

Anonymous said...


Are you a licensed Engineer?

Or you a member of the Riptide Gang Of No who know everything and what is best for the city?

Anonymous said...

This is not rocket surgery. Go look at the bluffs at the north end of town where houses fell into the sea, apartment buildings have been abandoned, and deep ravines are working their way back to the highway. Those bluffs have eroded big time. Do you see any bedrock that's been exposed by the cliff retreat? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

342 Rocket surgeon in full retreat. Say Gang of No and it is over!

Anonymous said...

The gang of no doesn't like that name.

If the shoe fits...

Plus we all know when raggo posts annon.

Anonymous said...

Rocket Surgeon. I see you with one of those beanies with a propeller. Little beanie, bigass propeller, buzzing council meetings.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Steve Sinai that it's insane to build anything on those cliffs. I'm no NIMBY. I think we need to build housing wherever we can. But we can't build on land that won't be there in a few years. That's just nuts.

The Local Libertarian said...

Cliff Erosion Control is an engineering topic that Steve Sinai nor other naysayer's are familiar with.

If you simply increase housing, you end up creating infrastructure overload and bottlenecks. You want to balance housing with economic opportunities so there is enough revenue to

1) Build out infrastructure
2) Manage such built out infrastructure
3) Use any surpluses to manage/improve green cover and ecology of the region
4) Help develop and improve the community

Simply claiming support for frogs and snakes while you drive your "Subaru Outbacks" or pushing for needless development of natural habitats without consideration for economics or ecology its appears is the madness that Pacifica is afflicted with.

Kathy Meeh said...

1010, neither are you, or most of us, a "cliff" engineer. Steve 1133 made a valid point that Palmetto Cliffs are subject to deterioration. Houses and an apartment building were evacuated and the houses were removed further north at Manor.

We have hills that have both collapsed and eroded in this City, (including in Park Pacifica, back in the valley, about 25 years ago, children died in their bedroom from a hill slide).

Steve Sinai said...

Building on those cliffs is about as smart as getting a degree in nuclear engineering. The costs are greater than the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Or being a computer expert, and still using Windows 95!

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and SRI has many nuclear engineering graduates.

Steve Sinai said...

Lawrence Livermore and SRI employ about 0.001% of all nuclear engineering graduates. The rest are baristas or IT support.

Anonymous said...

I can see building on those eroding bluffs as long as you're willing to only live there until the cliff is gone. I'd hate to see taxpayers have to pay when "permanent" structures fall off the cliff. Maybe mobile homes are the solution. When the cliff is about to go, just move your house.