Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Highway 1 adhere to 1980, 35 year past General Plan standards: Planning Commission majority

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"Morning in America!"

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Yes, he was funny,
so is a city not having
an updated General Plan.
Then there is the 1986 Rockaway Specific Plan, only 30 years past. This century, the General Plan update has not been completed, because of the usual: City revenue deficiency. 

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Year of Mt St. Helens blow-out.
Pacifica Tribune/Jan Northrop, Staff Writer, 5/19/15.  "Planning Commissioners challenge highway widening proposal." 

"Pacifica Planning Commission unanimously adopted a resolution Monday determining the city's 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Program is consistent with the general plan, with the exception of one project -- the highway widening project. For that one, they requested planning staff provide historical information and information about a CEQA lawsuit brought by the local grassroots organization, Pacificans for a Scenic Coast against Caltrans.

....  As the general plan calls for no increase in highway capacity, Public Works Director Van Ocampo told the commissioners he is describing the Calera Creek Parkway project as one that doesn't increase capacity. 'It increases capacity at that location, but not for all of Highway 1', Ocampo said."  Read article.

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Modern computers that read
text through telephone wires.

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Modern cars without seat belts.
Note 1980 photo/graphics:  
Mt. St. Helens eruption, SDSU/Geology (USGS)/How volcanoes work.  
1980 Toyota Corona 001, Toyota News Press Room. Johnny Carson Show video, 2/6/80.
Cornell University/Cornellcast.  Ronald Regan poster from I Agree to see, "This 1980 Ronald Reagan campaign poster features one the all-time greatest campaign slogans invoked by a Presidential candidate: “Lets Make America Great Again.”  
Computer from Industrial Era, 1980, "The French launch Minitel a text-only system accessible through 'dumb terminals' supplied by the phone company. Originally intended to provide directory assistance and business information the Minitel system soon delivers all types of information."
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Big Jerk said...

The Council is insulated from a H1 decision by creating a anti-highway Planning Commission that will eliminate it from the General Plan. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

So when asked if the highway widening project increases capacity (not allowed under the General Plan), Van Ocampo says, presumably with a straight face, "It increases capacity at that location, but not all of highway one."
A true statement and yet....

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Those rascally rascals. A bureaucratic solution from a council that loves bureaucracy. I think this is a very talented, very bright PC. They will do their job.

Anonymous said...

932 What's wrong with you? This is the "new" PC appointed by the "new" council. Regime change, remember? Just a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

My idea for Highway 1 is this:

From the tunnel to 280.

Make the bus stops on ramps and off ramps. Put a shoulder on both sides. Fix the manor over pass.Get rid of the light at Vallemar and try to wrap traffic behind the gorilla bbq. Buy the old Bubble Machine Chevron station empty lot. Wrap traffic over towards the waste water treatment plant and dump it over into Vallemar.

Van Ocampo isn't an engineer people, his degree is in something completely different.

Anonymous said...

649 Is that going to look like one of those gigantic corkscrew water slides?
Because I'm all in if it is.

Anonymous said...

I watched the PC to see who was new. I don't know who Cooper is but I've got a sack of hammers with more brains. And Vaterlaus makes no effort to even examine the issues. Gordon in his heart of hearts favors the widening, but the lawyer in him knows that he is bound by the general plan - so he is trying to find an out in the meaning of words - kind of like Clinton parsing "is" to prove he didn't have sex. If Gordon feels good about basing his vote on that then he certainly will have reached up to Clintonian hypocracy standards. We shall judge him accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I think Van is sweet on CalTrans. Perfectly natural.

Kathy Meeh said...

1156, with regard to language intent of the 1980 General Plan, Jeff Cooper clearly stated he favored "flexibility and solutions" (allegedly leading to the studied and funded Highway 1 widening). Sue Vaterlaus stated she favored the same "Calera Creek project (Highway 1 widening). John Nibbelin said "findings of the Superior Court are relevant" (favoring Caltrans Highway 1 widening project, awaiting the Judge's final decision).
Chuck Evans recognizes that traffic is bogged-down, namely "between 7:30 am - 8:30 am", but questioned whether widening the highway "meets the standards of the General Plan", (a 35+ year old document).
Josh Gordon, Richard Campbell and Mike Brown meet the criteria you ascribed to that once, very public, then President Bill Clinton scandal.

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget, consistent with the General Plan, was passed by the Planning Commission (7-0), minus the Highway 1 widening funding of $6,000. The Highway 1 widening issue will be continued following follow-up document information from Staff.
It was John Nibbelin who suggested handling the Highway 1 widening funding issue prior to the final city council fiscal year 2015-16 budget meeting, 6/6/15. He is one very smart, savvy (possibly brilliant), pragmatic and efficient "hammer", a keeper.

Anonymous said...

They had the perfect opportunity to move it forward and they didn't. It's anybody's game.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is the only beach town on the west coast that doesn't take advantage of being a beach tow.

The only town that people keep junk worth 100 dollars in the garage and a new car outside in the driveway.

Anonymous said...

146 Two words for you, baby, and just two. Del Webb.