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Therese ran her campaign to wake-up those who would listen

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor,11/18/14.  "Thanks from Dyer" by Therese M. Dyer

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Thanks to those who do not accept
the deficient status quo in this city
"Editor:  I want to thank all those who voted for me in this last election, especially the phone calls telling me they have followed me through my letters to the editor and also the who that gave me additional information as to how our money is spent in those city. 

I never made a phone call, nor did I ring any doorbells or send mail outs. It was not that I didn't intend to, but I became ill and was given the wrong antibiotics, thanks to Ft. Miley. (I'm certainly happy that we have McDonald taking over the reins in Washington D. C.)  

Highway widening was a big issue, but not the main one. Deficits, lack of communication, disrespect for those of us who don't agree with the status quo, development, low-income housing, affordable housing and violations of state laws to me are critical.

The fact we have no oversight panel is what causes these problems. And some people just thought I was too aggressive; all I have to say to that is, you should be so lucky that I am. Fifty three years of passiveness ought to be enough for any city. Thank you all. Now I can write my book."

Postscript :  Therese M. Dyer identifies as an Advocate For Justice.  P.S. Victor Spano and Eric Ruchames deserved your vote, as well.
Related - Ballotpedia, Pete DeJarnatt and Sue Digre abandoned recall effort (2012).  Fix Pacifica reprint, Pacifica Tribune, letters to the editor, 3/13/12, "Recall update."   Note photograph from Voters Edge/Smart Voter.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Tom Clifford said...

I have a great deal of respect for everyone who ran.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Therese Dyer is a fine example of "respect" to the city council and those that elected them every time she gets up to harangue them with her invective. As someone who has had years of visibility coming in dead last (again) can you respect what Pacifica is telling you? I doubt it.

Deus Ex Machina said...

7:47: Therese Dyer exercises her right to speak to the Council during oral communications. You suggest to me that you do not like what she says. Which is fine. Me too. But...You go on to say, "As someone who has had years of visibility coming in dead last (again) can you respect what Pacifica is telling you". Tom Clifford has signed his name to his comment, you have not. Tom Clifford has run for office, and as such can empathize with anyone else who runs or has run. It's unclear whether you have. You are some anonymous pucilanmous, pernicious and repugnant individual taking pot shots.

Therese had, in my view, no campaign, and as her LTE stated, she was ill. I learned from the election results what Pacificans really wanted and cared about, and that was not what Therese ran on. But I respect the fact that she wanted to help out the community to a greater extent than you do, sitting on your bootie writing drivel about "invective". That you knock her as you do, and knock Tom Clifford as well, makes you look like someone with the personality of a small salad bar, and other than that really speaks volumes about YOU. Go back in your basement TROLL!

Beef Stew ex Machina said...

I love it when anonymous posters lecture others for posting anonymously. It demonstrates precisely where their head’s at (hint: it’s dark up there).

Pro-tip for the anonymous poster naming themselves after a poorly-contrived plot device: you don’t have a “right” to get up in front of Council and address them--it’s merely a point of parliamentary procedure that can be disallowed at the Council’s whim. That’s point one. Point two is that you’re not “exercising your rights” by getting up and wasting everyone’s time--at three minutes a pop--agenda item after agenda item, meeting after meeting. You’re not some social justice warrior, you’re a pain in the ass who has absolutely no respect for the community and are impeding the legislative process.

It’s one thing to be treated to a performance of the Therese Dyer Gumflapping Power Hour twice a month in chambers, but it’s quite another for her to take her show on the road and run for Council. Because this is where “shit gets real, okay? If you’re just running on a lark or to shake a piece of paper at a camera to garble about Maureen Lennon, goddam, just stay the hell home and yell at the walls--stop wasting the real candidate’s limited opportunities.

A campaign isn’t just another means for you to force others to listen to your gadfly babblings about “sewer unilaterals” and “consolidation departments.” It’s where you show you’re a real adult, capable of holding real responsibilities, and that you have the mental wherewithal to make decisions about things that have extremely serious consequences for every resident and business in this community. Personally, I think the cutoff ought to be the ability to string two sentences together without a face-palming grammatical error (Dyer would have been right out of the running in that case).

Either give the process the gravity it deserves or stay the hell home and stop trying to make everything in Pacifica about you and your conspiracy of the month.

Anonymous said...

I love it even more when the riptides and the hippies noobeees and nimbys blame the annons for all the ills of society.

Kathy Meeh said...

1136. Deus Ex Machina, 1016 explained the issue to you, and in your personal attack rant, you still don't get it.

Therese has some important things to say of concern to her, and sometimes of concern to the rest of us-- even when she talks about alleged mistakes the city or city council should not have made.

Therese also has the right to speak at city council and outside city council. In her campaign, she was correct on supporting needed city economic development, highway widening, housing, and attempting to protect the less fortunate. (Unfortunately there were four (4) pro-economy candidates again.)

But of concern is how YOU perceive what Therese has to say. Petty, petty, petty description from your view. Meantime you hide behind anonymous blog comments attacking her, and likely others. Of course you would attack others-- cheap shots from an anonymous, who claims to value commonly understood standards of being "a real adult." Good luck to you on your path to growing up.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, why did you have to look up the word "adult" in an online dictionary? Did you really not know the definition?

Captain Duh of the Dimwit Platoon said...

Yo, Kathy. If you think anonymous posters are evil incarnate, why don't you remove the ability to post anonymously on your blog?!

If you don't want anonymous posts, it's real simple -- don't allow them. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, when Therese Dyer gets up at the lectern to threaten a lawsuit again city council, why she's doing us all a favor, I tells ya! Then she tags out and in comes her wrestling partner Roger Medler to accuse the city manager of running from child molestation charges in Walnut Creek. These are important things, people! Thank god we have these two keeping an eye on things. What would we do without these clear minded individuals?

Anonymous said...

10:16-- I'll have you know that I've got the personality of a LARGE salad bar, thankyouverymuch. (wtf?)

Anonymous said...

"Good luck to you on your path to growing up."

Didn't you jump in to called Jim Vreeland a "smiley faced rat" when people were expressing condolences to his family? Huh. Go figure.

Kathy Meeh said...

105, why link the definition to the word "adult"? Just precisely helping 1136 on his "grow-up" campaign. And if you're going to attack someone (politically, personally or for other reasons), at least be adult enough to put YOUR name on the comment. Not doing so more describes the limited ethical capacities you have as an overly aged juvenile (not an adult).

Captain Duh 110, did you read blog policy upper left? "Personal attacks.. will be removed". If it were up to me, I would enforce this rule always.

118, well you have a point regarding the three (3) comments of hundreds. Fair campaign comparison? Therese was correct on the main city concerns, and many of the issues she brings up at city council have "legs".
Then again, there was the deviously strategized NIMBY campaign (pure trash) beginning with the "our community (including residents of Europe)" anti-highway 1 widening petition. As for related lawsuits, they really know how to file: One lost, one to be determined.

127, yes in response to an adoring (never knew him) comment, I did call Jim Vreeland (the politician) a "smiley faced rat", that was the polite description. Got something else, Ian?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes Therese is a paragon of righteous civic indignation. A crusader for justice worthy of our undying loyalty. Meanwhile, back in the real world, she sucked up 2100 votes. Hard to tell where the cause ends and the rampaging ego begins. Thanks, Therese, for keeping Ruchames and Spano hilariously out of the running. Ruchames never left the sidelines and you did to Spano what BJGate couldn't. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh wants to enforce the "personal attacks policy"... then makes some of the most hate filled comments yet. Clearly someone isn't connecting the dots.

Let's not forget that Therese Dyer also tried to start a recall campaign against Pete DeJarnett who's term was coming to an end. Had she managed to bamboozle people to sign up it would have cost the City thousands of dollars to manage a meaningless recall, buy I guess personal ego trumps fiscal responsibility. I guess Dyer couldn't even scrape up enough sigs from even her "watchdog" buddies (no we wont forget), now that's what I call being marginalized.

I supposed we will have to sit through more rantings when the new council is in session, of well these posers only hurt themselves.

Unable To Recall said...

Pacifica Watchdogs, now there's a blast from the past. I think all two of them moved and are known as the Oaxaca Watchdogs now. Or maybe they died of hypertension or rage-induced aneurysms, I forget. But then again, they were a very forgettable group.

Speaking of recalls, wasn't Hutch involved in that wonderful endeavor as well? Boy, he sure went quiet about that and his hand in the 99% fiasco. It's like they never existed. LOL, it's like it's Opposite Day every day with these guys.

Anonymous said...

It's stunning to consider that Dyer was on the San Mateo County Grand Jury a few year ago. Normally, jury members remain anonymous, but not Therese -- there she was, blabbing out "I'm on the grand jury" in front of Council every two weeks and waving some ridiculous binder in the air at them.

None of her "advocating for justice" is in any way about selfless service to the community. It's all an ego project. Even she admits in her letter that she ran for council to give her another chapter in a book she wants to write.

All ego all the time with this one.

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is that the "Advocate for Justice" is filing a recall petition against Len Stone. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

In other unreported Pacifica News.

The Pacifica Motor Lodge had a fire today, May Ann, is screaming about the lost TOT the city is losing!!

Anonymous said...

Then she tags out and in comes her wrestling partner Roger Medler to accuse the city manager of running from child molestation charges in Walnut Creek

The City Manager was nicely asked to leave and was nicely forced out of Walnut Creek, because she was involved in a coverup of child molestation.

Why don't you get off your lazy ass and read the DA's report.

Kathy Meeh said...

306, which of those reasonable city economic improvements and clean government support comments do you find "hateful"? The 2012 Recall effort was good. Vreeland stepped-down, DeJarnatt did not run again.

300, guess those who support highway widening and a balanced city economy should have had an advance conversation and decided which of the three (3) only candidates would run for city council, but that's not what happened. We've been there prior.

403, Contrary to your comment, 2003 Pacifica Watchdog members to Recall 4 NIMBY city council members (Vreeland, DeJarnatt, Digre, Lancelle) were not a forgettable group, and included 3 pro-city economy past city council members (Gonsalves, Carr, Goterlli). My recall is that completed ballot petitions went missing from the Manor post office dock, and there was not time to redo the effort. Now how did those petitions go missing?

415 your comment is misleading. Civil Grand Jury members are known, there is no secret handshake.

442, some confusion. "... IT WAS TINFOW WHO INFORMED THE CITY MANAGER about the inappropriate texting by an employee to a minor, the report says." There are some comments on the 9/9/14 City Council Agenda article. For some reason, I can't get the investigative report link to come up, but there are also comments in a Pacifica Patch article, 9/6/13. 442, if you have the DA's report, or the investigative report, you're welcome to link them.

Leah Z. said...

The City Manager was nicely asked to leave and was nicely forced out of Walnut Creek, because she was involved in a coverup of child molestation.

Why don't you get off your lazy ass and read the DA's report.

LOL. Talk about lazy! Why don't you supply some proof of your claims, Columbo?

You must have forgotten because you're too busy spazzing out about Seaview Tire & Brakes.

Avocado for Justice said...

"The 2012 Recall effort was good. Vreeland stepped-down, DeJarnatt did not run again."

WTF?! Was time travel involved?

Vreeland resigned months before there was even a whiff of a recall notice.

Not only did DeJarnatt plainly state in 2011 that he wasn't running, DeJarnatt didn't even pull papers (and therefore couldn't possibly run if he wanted to), but you were still going ahead and collecting signatures after that deadline had passed as if he were!

I'm sure this was all due to your Advocate for Justice's tireless super-powers! Quick, if you file a recall petition against Lennie tomorrow, I'll bet you can make him not run too!!!

Anonymous said...

4:15 here, Kathy you're right and I was wrong, Grand Jury members are known.

Kathy Meeh said...

Avocado 604, thanks for the reminder: good thing Bernie Sifry brought in city council term limits.

Vreeland was part of the early 2012 Recall consideration with some time overlap as I recall. And DeJarnatt not running was not at all clear to the general public at that time.

604, I think you live in the land of WTF. It seems you can say nothing without your WTF hiccup. Too many avocados?
If you start a "recall Lennie" campaign, at least we may know your identity.

Able to Recall said...

@Unable to Recall:

If you are capable, go to: Pacifica Watchdog Website and please tell us exactly what representations were in error with respect to the Gang of Four Council members that were the target of the recall attempt back in the early 2000's time frame. Oh, and please, back up any of your assertions the same way the authors of the PW website backed up theirs. I'm going to go out on a limb on this one and predict you can't. And, if that is the case, please STFU and go crawl back into your hole.

Anonymous said...

Lennie's been recalled by a reality check. As part of the council of two he served his purpose by motivating the opposition to get their shit together. It'll be like he was never there.

low hanging fruit said...

Nice posts Tinfoil.

Now back to work on the library albatross.

How is your move to Pacifica, going?

Anonymous said...

My good sir, please find my list of demands posted herewith. You will answer posthaste and if I find your responses to my queries less than satisfactory, I'm afraid my hand will be forced. Pistols at dawn.

*twirls mustache*

*adjusts monocle*

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up! You mean those PW freaks didn't move to Oaxaca? Guess the back up plan to open a doggie dental clinic on Mars also fell through.

Anonymous said...

906 don't be twirling anything on here, k?

Anonymous said...

Therese is impervious to criticism.She does what she wants.She is a Veteran and values free speech and civic responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Being impervious to criticism is not a healthy trait. Closely linked with obsession.

Oaxaca Watchdogs said...

TBS, Channel 32, 7-8:00 PM
Oaxaca Watchdogs
Season 3, Episode 12;"Dyer? Why, I hardly even knew her!"

On tonight's episode, Grandpa Derp, the sole living member of the Oaxaca Watchdogs decides it's time to once again take a bite out of Oaxaca politics.

Teaming up with a relative youngster named Therese Dyer, Derp shows his new apprentice that there's a new pack in town. Grandpa's newly reformed OW are unleashed upon the mean streets of Guegovela to find out where all the bones are buried. Hilarity results when they try to relaunch their old AOL website, only to discover it's been hijacked by a farmacia selling fake penis pills out of Vietnam.

With their tail between their legs, the Oaxaca Watchdogs must confront a criminal mastermind who taunts them with a cryptic clue: "STFU." What could it mean?

Anonymous said...

Reason for recall from the Pacifica Watchdogs site:

"Aggressively pursuing Highway 1 widening without revealing it could cost City 6 million dollars

Still have not implemented "common sense" approaches such as timing signals and working with the School District to mitigate effects from Vallemar School traffic.

Thinly veiled opportunity to create more habitat at Calera Creek (refer to Police Station cost overruns). Is Council manipulating traffic flows in order to convince taxpayers to proceed with project?"

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's interesting 8:37, apparently the Pacifica Watchdogs are among the 1% of Pacificans that are against the widening.

Anonymous said...

Here are the signatories for the recall: Pete Pereira, Alysanne McGaffey, Kathleen Meeh, Gil Anda, Vi Gotellli, Robert Destefanis, Carol Negro, Suzanne Valente, Rose Forbes, James Forbes, Kim and Brian Nelson, Elsie Pereira, Cindy Garabedian, Emily Yen, Robert and Elizabeth Moore, Robert Belli, Stephen Golub, and JW Frater.

Interesting that Kathy Meeh is on the list, apparently she was against the widening before she was for it.

Kathy Meeh said...

837, 919, 937, your comments are an 11 year past, selective out of context misrepresentation.

For others who desire city improvement (rather than work for city failure, aka: NIMBIES), the Pacifica Watchdogs link is above or here. What is with you NIMBIES, you take a blood oath to lie, cheat and defeat most advantages this city could possibly have?

One thing, fallout of the same economic/financial problems (only worse) are stated in the Watchdog mission: "Our goal is to raise the City of Pacifica from its current state of financial insolvency to one of financial strength. It is then and only then that both current and future generations of Pacificans can enjoy the quaility of life they desire in this community".

And BTW, the highway 1 solutions have since been fully studied, and funded. The best solution is highway widening, you know 3 lanes rather than 2, through 2 intersections (Rockaway, Vallemar), 1.3 miles. Its science, NIMBY, get with the workable program.

Anonymous said...

Kathy: Stop feeding the troll - unless it's his prescription meds!

Kathy Meeh said...

1015, unfortunately posting anything of interest to fixing Pacifica is "feeding the troll" (your words).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Pacifica Watchdogs. Whatever happened to them? Speaking of irrelevant, whatever happened to Pacifica Index? I understand it got fewer hits than Bill Bergen...

Kathy Meeh said...

1134, sorry to say, maybe what's irrelevant is your comment. The 2003 Recall was an attempt to improve this city. And quite separate from that, Pacifica Index was an excellent city document reference (hopefully Chris Fogel will be able to bring it back similar to what it was).

Anonymous said...

as soon as Fogel stops gloating about handing Keener the Council seat he may bring Pacifica Index back

Chris Fogel said...

I took Pacifica Index offline while I was working on John Keener's campaign. I might bring it back online if I ever get around to making some changes to it, but right now it's not a priority. I think the site got 800 unique views during a good month, but then again, people haven't exactly been flooding my mailbox with requests to bring it back either.

I have to assume the reference to my gloating over John's election is a joke (it's hard to tell when things are posted online) because I don't think I've spoken with anyone about the campaign since election day.

Anonymous said...

The Watchdog's site may be 11 years old, but it's still relevant. This line specially:

"Still have not implemented "common sense" approaches such as timing signals and working with the School District to mitigate effects from Vallemar School traffic."

Sounds exactly like PH1A today.

Kathy Meeh said...

237, oh yeah. NIMBIES in charge did nothing about the known traffic bottle neck then (11 years ago); and they have continued to obstruct the logical, studied, proven widening concept, paid solution now, and they will do nothing in the future.

Watchdogs extended reasons, #7 text: "Still have not implemented "common sense" approaches such as timing signals and working with the School District to mitigate effects from Vallemar School traffic." Well, meantime over the past 11 years 1) the timing signals were ruled out because traffic congestion is now too heavy for that solution. And 2) the School is neither moving, nor can this city afford to supplement the School District with buses. Next!

Anonymous said...

Watchdogs brought out the dirt on how Pacifica was being run, loose and fast. Jimmy V and the Cowboy Scott Holmes pulled a lot of shenanigans. Yes, they were mad when all this dirt got raised up and talked about.

Too bad not enough people paid attention. No wonder why Pacifica is a run down dump.

Anonymous said...

The timing of the lights and related newer traffic technology, proven technology, has never been studied with anything approaching honest due diligence in Pacifica. The city's so-called meeting to discuss it was a set-up, a complete sham done in bad faith, full of bad info and far from conclusive. Time to revisit the entire idea and since this council majority dishonestly fucked up the whole process, it will cause delays.

Anonymous said...

Fogel, the OP would gloat if he ever had cause, therefore so must you. The big difference between OP and you? You actually have cause to gloat. You did real good!

Anonymous said...

313 It's about the messenger as well as the message. PW bit themselves in the ass every time they opened their mouths. Cringe-worthy. And the dirt wasn't even new.

Anonymous said...


"It's about the messenger as well as the message. PW bit themselves in the ass every time they opened their mouths. Cringe-worthy. And the dirt wasn't even new."

Wrong. It was only about the message. You didn't like the message, so you tried to make it about the messenger. You used the same bag of dirty tricks on the Watchdogs as you did later on with Peebles. That's the way you cretins roll.

So again, I ask you to go to the PW website and tell me exactly what part of their message was wrong. And as was previously stated, if you can't back it up, "STFU!"

Anonymous said...

855 Which ones are the cretins? You guys seem to get beat on every damn thing.