Friday, December 12, 2014

Rain and wind forecast next week

Rain, wind and waves
...  "Thursday's deluge served up some eye-popping totals throughout the Bay Area, including 3.39 inches in San Jose, 4.26 inches in Redwood City, 3.46 inches in San Francisco and 3.12 inches in Oakland. 

....  So far this rainfall season, San Jose has registered 8.33 inches of rain, more than twice the average. San Francisco has received 10.59 inches (about 175 percent of normal), and Oakland 8.77 inches (174 percent of normal)."  San Jose Mercury News/Mark Gomez, 12/12/14. "Storm delivers impressive rain totals to Bay Area.  Read article.

"Two more storms are lining up over the northern Pacific Ocean and have their sights set on bringing more rain and mountain snow to California, Oregon and Nevada.

According to Western Weather Expert Ken Clark, "Neither of the two storms will match the intensity of the storm from this week, but substantial rain and snow are likely." As is often the case with storms with heavy rain in the region, there will be a renewed risk of flash flooding and mudslides.

One storm is projected to move in during the first part of next week. The storm will spread drenching rain onshore into northern California Sunday night and spread into Oregon and central California on Monday." Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist, 12/12/14.  "Two additional storms lined up to drench California before Christmas."  Read article. 

RelatedNOAA,  today, 12/12/14:  24 hours, 3 pm, Pacifica, CA Spring Valley 2.12.  Weather Underground, 10 day rain forecast: Monday 12/15, .56; 5,Tuesday 12/16, .81 Wednesday 12/17 chance .06; Friday 12/19, .34.  Wind increases from Sunday 12/14 night, and continues during the week.  Note:  photograph by Erik Simonson from CBS/SF Bay Area, 10/12/14.

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