Friday, December 26, 2014

Planning Commission Housing Element study session

NIMBIES cry we can do nothing. Fortunately we must do 413 housing units (or or change zoning to agricultural).

ABAG message to Pacifica NIMBIES
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 12/24/14.  "Planning Commissioners address housing needs and potential building sites."

....  "The last report goes up to 2014, so it's time to do it again for the next eight years. The plan estimates, and this was a bone of contention for several speakers, that Pacifica will need 413 housing units across a variety of income levels -- 60 extremely low income, 61 very low income, 68 low income, 70 moderate income and 154 above moderate income. Those numbers are based on population growth data generated by the Association of Bay Area Governments. It represents a 138 unit increase over the last report. It also represents a population that is aging. Planning Commissioner Jeffrey Cooper noted about half of the number of units is a carryover from last year.

....  The report, which identifies areas that could be developed, does not automatically lead to any projects. In addition, future developers could choose alternative locations.  .... Murdock said he expected to get another draft of the Housing Element back to the Planning Commission by February or March. It will require a City Council hearing for final adoption before it goes back to the state for final certification."   Read article.

Reference -  Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).  "ABAG was created by local governments to meet their planning and research needs related to land use, environmental and water resource protection, disaster resilience, energy efficiency and hazardous waste mitigation, and to provide risk management, financial services and staff training to local counties, cities and towns."

Planning Commission Study Session, 12/15/14, announcement and report (Fix Pacifica reprint article).  Pacific Coast TV, channel 26, You tube video, 96 minutes.

Note photograph from Stratford Charter politics blog.

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Anonymous said...

This old thing again? Nothing like hundreds of homes comes of it, nothing ever will. Instead, we see the low density expensive stuff like Harmony. Hearing that the word "Preserve" has been mentioned by the new owners of the quarry does not hint at the usual sub-divison with hundreds of homes. More likely 20 or 30 and lots of open space. So, Pacifica gains a few upscale pockets for the privileged few and we don't have affordable housing to buy or rent. Revenue for Pacifica? That's the real rip-off. We develop the available land, but with such low density residential the city gets a pittance. Somebody makes money but it isn't the City of Pacifica. Oh well, that's one way of making sure we never have any of that nasty old commercial or tech or light industry in Pacifica.