Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sailing boats impacted by the storm, Pillar Point Harbor, Princeton-by-the-sea

Pillar Point Harbor, Princeton-by-the-Sea, California, USA
What me worry?
Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 12/11/14.  (Five 5) "Boats sink at Pillar Point."  

"The fleet at Pillar Point Harbor took a thrashing from the storm today. Two sailboats sunk to the bottom of the harbor after taking on water while three other vessels were swept to the shore, according to San Mateo County Harbor Patrol officials. There were no injuries as a result of any of the problems.

In some instances, harbor officials were working to contact the owners. None of the boats were docked at pier, and instead they were each anchored out in the waters within the breakwater barrier. 

One of the boats submerged after taking on too much water from the storm. Another vessel sank after being pushed on the rocks.  The three vessels that ran aground were on the western shore near Denniston Creek. The boats are stuck there for the time being until a high tide can dislodge them, said Harbormaster John Draper."
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the storm affected crab catches? Have boats been going back out?

Anonymous said...

The boats had to stay in port for a day or two, but have been back out. Don't know how the storm has affected the catch though.

Anonymous said...

Go down to Linda Mar Beach or Rockaway Beach. If you see boats with lights at night, the crab fleet is out.

Or better yet get off your ass, turn off your computer and ride down to Princeton and ask around.