Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weather related State of Emergency declaration, San Mateo County

CBS SF Bay Area, 5 KPIX, 12/16/14.  "Sonoma, San Mateo Counties declare States of Emergency after storms, flooding."

Oh boy...
"SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Rising storm costs are forcing some Northern California counties, including two in the Bay Area, to turn to the state for help as they declare local states of emergency.  Sonoma, San Mateo, Lake and Tehama Counties are about to make declarations which will allow local emergency workers to help with recovery and lays the groundwork for state and federal assistance.

“Our approach to any disaster looks pretty similar. The way that we problem solve, the resource request process—it’s all streamlined so it happens the same way, whatever the disaster is calling for,” he said. Meanwhile, Napa and Alameda counties say they will cover their own storm costs; San Francisco and Marin are still evaluating.  More rain is likely this week, with storms poised to hit Tuesday night and Friday."   Read more.

Related - local storm photographs/Linda Mar, 12/11/14 - Pacifica Riptide/Chris Fogel, 12/16/14.     Note:  flooded street photograph above from NBC Bay Area, 12/11/14. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Get your buckets out and conserve that water. There is a drought.

Tom Clifford said...

A lot of people are going to need buckets for all the leaks their dried out houses are springing.

Steve Sinai said...

My garage floor was soaked the other day.