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Rare 70th wedding anniversary, Atherton

The Almanac News/Michael Fabstein (son-in-law to Rema and Joe Cotton), 12/21/14. "Atherton couple celebrates 70th anniversary."

Happy holidays Rema and Joe Cotton,
to all celebrating 70th wedding anniversaries!
"On Dec. 22, 1944, a young man named Joe Cotton asked Rema Nelson to marry him. Recently returned to the states from being shot down over Greece in World War II, and spending three harrowing months evading the Nazis, Mr. Cotton was ready for a challenge of a more domestic sort.

Platinum wedding anniversary? Inside the box. 
They eloped from their native Indiana to Kentucky, where it was legal for the 15-year-old Miss Nelson to wed the 22-year-old Joe Cotton. When they returned home, and told their parents, Rema's father said to his daughter, "You'd better make this stick." 

Indeed they have. Monday, Dec. 22, marked the 70th wedding anniversary for Joe and Rema Cotton, who have lived in Atherton since 1971. .... Now, at ages 92 and 85, Joe and Rema face considerable medical hurdles. But their love grows richer every year."  Read article.

Related -  Planning the Perfect Wedding Day, "PLATINUM - 70th wedding anniversary gift ideas (or iron and smokey quartz gemstone).  "A 70th wedding anniversary is a rare event indeed. It’s a remarkable event involving great genetics and not little bit of luck to have both husband and wife surviving well into their nineties and still hanging in there. It is therefore no surprise that a 70th anniversary is usually publicised in the press with well wishers paying their respects from all corners."   

Note photograph for Rema and Joe Cotton from the Almanac article.  Festive celebration photograph from Touville Hotel, isle of Wight, UK.

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