Thursday, December 18, 2014

Public Works field service division keeps city infrastructure functional

Pothole repair
Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett/Features Correspondent, 12/16/124.  "Public Works - weathering storms to serve the community."

Underground wiring repair
.... "Every day of every week, someone at Public Works is on 24-hour standby, and more are at the ready in case of emergency. Along with going directly into a storm to help the driver, or the homeowner, or the neighborhood, the Department of Public Works has a long list of things they do.

They are divided into two divisions: the engineering division and the field services division. In short, the engineering division deals with permits and large contractual jobs (the planning, design and construction of public infrastructure project), transportation planning, traffic engineering services and overall technical support on engineering issues.

The field services division maintains City roadways, parks, trees, open space areas, storm drains, City facilities, and all City vehicles. "Within our field services division, we have a motor pool division, building maintenance division, parks division and streets division," Biagini explained. "The three people in our motor pool division maintain 120 pieces of motorized vehicles and small engine stuff. This includes fire trucks, police cars and public works vehicles and equipment."
Preventing storm drain debris clogging
The two members of the building maintenance division maintain the exterior and interior of City buildings which include: the police station, both fire stations, planning offices, PB&R, the Community Center, City run daycares and City Hall."   Read article.

Note photographs: Splicing copper wire by Laura A. Oda from Mercury News/Concord: pot hole repair from Richmond, VA/Public Works: storm drain water/sewer Haddon Township, NJ

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Public Works team.

Anonymous said...

They were out in the middle of the worst of the sotrms saving our butts, so thank you from me as well!