Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Day weekend ends perfectly with rain, thanks, and tribute

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 11/25/14.  "Thank you again, veteran!" by Debbie Smyser
"Editor:  I went to Denny's for lunch with my parents on Thursday afternoon. I saw a veteran sitting by himself eating lunch. As he got up to leave I handed him a wallet size card which says, "Thank You For Your Service and Dedication to Our Country" on the front and on the back of the card it says, "I am not certain as to how to express my gratitude for all you have done to secure my freedom. Please accept this simple card as a small token of my appreciation." He sported a great big smile and it was obvious it touched him. He said that there was another veteran in the restaurant that needed this much more, so I gave him another card to give to that Vietnam veteran who came over and talked to us until we were done with our lunch. 

As we went to pay for our lunch we were told that the first veteran that we met had paid for all of our lunches and left without a word. Wow, we were totally blown away! We should have been paying for his lunch! Let this be a lesson for all who sees someone wearing a baseball type hat with military information on it to stop and say thanks for your service! We had no idea how much this touched him. Hopefully he reads this and knows we appreciated his gesture. The server said he thinks his name is Jim. Thank you, Jim! Please contact me if you'd like to join the American Legion here in Pacifica. We're here for you!"

Debbie Smyser is President, Pacifica American Legion Woman's Auxiliary
Reference -  The American Legion, Pacifica Post 238.   The American Legion Auxiliary.  Note photograph/graphic from USA Federal Holidays.

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