Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Person of 2013, Nick Gust

Pacifica Tribune/"Bartlett's Bullets"/Jean Bartlett, 1/14/14.  "Asked in Pacifica at McDonald's in Linda Mar, Who do you pick as the 'Person of 2013'.Comment from Cal Hinton.

"Nick Gust. I knew Nick since 1955 and he was modest, and sincere, and he worked very hard to put this city together and to make it survive. If he believed in something, he fought for it. His entire family is generous to a fault. I appreciated his friendship so much. He was more than the "Man of the Year." He was the "Man of the Decade."  

For "person of 2013" choices and comments from other people interviewed read more. 

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I will always hold the Gust Family in high regard. They have done so much for this community. I want to publicly thank them. Thank You , Nick Gust. For choosing to make Pacifica your home. I can't imagine Pacifica without your wonderful restaurant and Family. Thank You, Chuck, Lena and the rest. Thank You.

Kathy Meeh said...

832, "..I want to PUBLICLY thank them. .." Huh? Very nice comment from some who has no PUBLIC identity.

Cal Hinton put his name to his PUBLIC comment. We know Cal, we know what he was talking about. But if Jean Bartlett asked you that question Anonymous, what would you have said? "Oh I can't respond and comment about 'person of 2013'. I can't stand-up and salute another person with my own name." Really? Again nice comment Anonymous, but disappointing that you are have no PUBLIC identity (when such public identity matters). Net zero.

todd bray said...

Good for Cal. In general Dear Rantanons, fear not being yourself. What could happen? A visit from Tait Cowan to whine about some BS? It ain't that bad. Tait can be a fun guy.

Kathy Meeh said...

Yep, Todd uses his real name. I respect that.

Second to the last sentence typo, remove the "are". That part of the sentence should read, ".. disappointing that you have no PUBLIC identity (when such public identity matters)." And for the respect of recognizing the merit of another person, that's just a general public opinion even though you may be a special anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Todd never misses an opportunity to enhance his jerkhood. Poking at Tait Cowen for what reason, and on a stream about a gentleman that did more for this town in one year than Todd, or most of us, do in a lifetime. Todd, what's going to be in your obit? Sad.

Chris Porter said...

I was lucky enough to call Nick Gust a friend and advisor for more than 30 years. He was a man who could always tell you the answer but also how people came to that answer and the background thinking to how they came to the answer. I respected him without waiver and will miss his critique every time I had to give a presentation to Council. He was a once in a lifetime person I am glad that my life path crossed.