Thursday, January 23, 2014

Expect Mavericks traffic along the coast, Friday 1/24/14

Waves from 10 AM today are expected to reach as high as 40 feet through Friday (Channel 2 news this morning).  

Friday is a good day for Mavericks
Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 1/22/14. "Mavericks gets green light for Friday contest."

"Contest founder Jeff Clark formally announced the Mavericks date just before 1 p.m. The news came amid predictions for big-wave conditions and sunny weather for spectators.  Organizers expressed some concerns that wind patterns on Friday could compromise the waves hitting the famed surf break.  The surf contest will bring 24 of the world’s best big-wave surfers for waves that can reach up to 50 feet. In addition, as many as 20,000 spectators will flock
to a festival in Princeton that is called to celebrate one of the world’s biggest surfing events.

Parking will be available for $20 at Half Moon Bay Airport. Organizers say they are trying to avoid the long traffic jams that backed up Highway 1 last year.

Residents on the Coastside should prepare for traffic slowdowns and other local impacts from the event. The Cabrillo Unified School District will continue to hold all normal classes on Friday, although they are expecting delays for students coming to and leaving school. An automated call is going out to parents today to encourage them to bring students by carpool to reduce traffic on Friday, wrote CUSD Superintendent Tony Roehrick in an email."   Read article.

Related - Surf  Note:  photograph by Jennifer Hernandez from this website.   San Mateo County Times, 1/24/14.

Update - Half Moon Bay Review/Staff, 1/24/13, "Grant 'Twiggy' Baker wins second Mavericks contest." "2:30 p.m., South African Grant “Twiggy” Baker won his second Mavericks surf contest on Friday. He dominated the final heat on a perfect day at Pillar Point that brought 20- to 40-foot wave faces all day long.  ....  The festival was also underway, with thousands of spectators surrounding two jumbo screens. San Mateo County Sheriff’s officials said the festival was nearing capacity even at 9:15 a.m."
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Anonymous said...

Half Moon Bay, and the whole coast south of Pacifica will make a ton of money off Mavericks.

Pacifica, will make squat yet again.

Anonymous said...

They want to, we don't. Check the record. This level of decay has taken decades of planning to achieve and we are in no danger of anything changing.