Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy birthday EPA

The Wall Street Journal/Opinion/Damien Schiff and Julie MacDonald.  Schiff and MacDonald:  "The Endangered Species Act turns 40-- hold the applause.  The badly administered law has had a limited effect on wildlife while inflicting great social and economic costs."

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....  "A law intended to conserve species and habitat has brought about the recovery of only a fraction—less than 2%—of the approximately 2,100 species listed as endangered or threatened since 1973. Meanwhile, the law has endangered the economic health of many communities—while creating a cottage industry of  the litigation that does more to enrich environmental activist groups than benefit the environment.

....  Shoddy listing determinations naturally result in wasted conservation resources and the issuing of misguided biological opinions that ultimately destroy jobs and undermine communities. After four decades of this, Washington would do well to update the Endangered Species Act before the public clamors for its extinction.

Mr. Schiff is a principal attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation. Ms. MacDonald is a former deputy assistant secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks at the U.S. Interior Department."

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Related locally - Is the California red-legged frog Endangered?   National Wildlife Federation, "The California red-legged frog is a rare species of frog found almost exclusively in the state of California. It became famous for being the frog featured in Mark Twain's short story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. Today, the California red-legged frog is on the Endangered Species list, because it is threatened by invasive species and habitat loss."  Habitat map of  the California red-legged frog (all over California),  here.  And don't forget Save the Frogs.

Note photographs:  CA RL Frog under water from United States Geological Survey.  Fat, mature RL Frog from University of CA, Santa Barbara.  The pond RL Frog by Greg Hoffman from Elkhorn Slough Organization,  (Foundation and Elkhorn Slough National Esturarine Research Reserve).  Don't blame Jim, the related local information, and photographs were the choice of the poster of this blog article.

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Happy Birthday Brent Plater, Hal Bohner, Peter Loeb, and the rest of you eco-radicals that use these laws as paydays.