Friday, January 3, 2014

Alien wild life species are moving into California, welcome

We like California coast, we're staying
San Francisco Chronicle/Science/Peter Fimrite, 12/28/13.  "Weird animals drawn to California in 2013."

 "Strange birds, exotic animals, bugs and sea creatures showed up in California this year in unprecedented numbers after getting hopelessly lost, lured by abundant prey, blown off course or simply carried in by unsuspecting humans.

A lot of the vagabonds are staying put in the Golden State, apparently happy with their new found time zone, according to wildlife biologists and researchers.  Diving gulls, tropical boobies, ducks, owls and other birds from far-off lands were spotted at various times of the year, creating a ruckus among avian aficionados. The alien invasion also came via the sea, with orcas moving in, tuna showing up off the north coast and reports of rare sea turtles far north of where they normally go.

....  Birds and fish are the most common vagrants, but other species also wander. Scientists have documented Pacific plankton in the Atlantic. A Pacific gray whale was spotted in the Mediterranean Sea a few years ago, possibly after getting lost and traversing the newly melted arctic passage."   Read Article, 2 pages.

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