Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10% voluntary water usage cutback is not that scary yet

 San Francisco Chronicle/Marisa Lagos, 1/28/14.  "PUC water goal:  cut use by 10%"

Last night at our City Council meeting,
the NCCWD spokesperson was suggesting a possible
22% water usage cutback (to be determined 4/15/14). That's scary!
"The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission this week will ask its customers to reduce their water use voluntarily by 10 percent, the latest sign of the drought affecting the state.

SFPUC residential customers already boast the lowest per capita water use in the state - an average of 49 gallons per day - but because of this year's "exceptionally dry winter," spokesman Tyrone Jue said, the utility wants its customers to cut back. And it's not only asking households to do their part: Jue said the agency wants all its commercial and industrial customers to curb their use voluntarily as well.

General Manager Harlan Kelly will tell the SFPUC board about the cutback Tuesday, and make the official announcement Friday.  The SFPUC is the third largest municipal utility in California. It serves 2.6 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Bay Area. The agency's reservoirs are at about 70 percent of capacity."

Note:  photograph from Council for Economic Education.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


The Local Libertarian said...

Will this drought dry out the red legged frog's marsh and force it to seek home elsewhere?

Will that then also drive out the san francisco garter snake to follow the red legged frog?

Will this mean that the Quarry won't be developed anyway due to water shortages in the area?

Will this mean that all the non natural developments along the coast will also move elsewhere, to where population can actually live without spending vast amounts of money to procure water?

Will this mean Pacifica will be reduced to its former glory of an unknown boon dock town along the coast side?

Anonymous said...

1142 What price glory?