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Chris Hunter book signing Saturday, January 11, 2014, be there

Pacifica Tribune/Elaine Larsen, Editor and Publisher, 12/31/13.  "Legendary locals:  Pacifica"

Image courtesy of Arcadia Publishing
If your name is in this book,
its possible you may be dead
"My good friend and former colleague, Chris Hunter, just did an amazing thing. He put together a book called "Legendary Locals of Pacifica" that, frankly, blew me away.
....  Chris produced two other books for Arcadia: "Images of Pacifica" with the late Bill Drake, former owner of the Pacifica Tribune and the Pacifica Historical Society, and about the Ocean Shore Railroad.

....    Come have Chris Hunter sign your personal copy at Florey's Book Company from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11. Florey's is located at 2120 Palmetto Ave. If you love Pacifica like I know you do, you won't be sorry.  This book is a local treasure."  Read article.

Reference -  "Pacifica has the nickname Scenic Pacifica because of its beautiful ocean vistas and lovely hillside views. Twelve miles south of San Francisco, the city of Pacifica grew rapidly, although not to the size that some had predicted. A haven for young families, Pacifica fostered strong leaders among housewives, environmental activists, and businesspeople. The strength of Pacifica, other than its natural beauty, has always been its people. The schools, service clubs, and athletic fields produced local celebrities, but the proximity to San Francisco helped forge more widely known legends. This combination of personalities helped make it possible to identify a broad spectrum of legendary locals, from a woman who was the first mayor of Pacifica to a successful comedian who earned national attention on Saturday Night Live..."    Note:  Book cover from the Amazon ad/Arcadia publishing. 

"About the Author.  Chris Hunter, a former editor and publisher of the Pacifica Tribune, has chosen subjects for Legendary Locals of Pacifica who represent the fascinating personalities of the city where he lives. Hunter compiled this volume with the cooperation of the current management of the Pacifica Tribune, the Pacifica Historical Society, and other community members."

Google Books,  "Legendary Locals:  Pacifica", Chris Hunter author, Arcadia publishing.  View Chapter 7 and Index.

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