Friday, November 8, 2013

Living along the Pacifica coast, all is peaceful until it is not

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 11/5/13.  "Mobile home owners face more than double rent increase." 

What could possibly go wrong?
....  "Because of a Pacifica rent control ordinance enacted in 1991 for those homeowners, the park owner must hold an administrative hearing through the city's planning department to determine if the increase is justified. The request would raise the rent on 15 homeowners by $1119.58 per space per month on top of the approximately $800-$1300 a month they are currently paying for a total of at least $1900. Some of the homeowners, John Nardello, Carmen DelaBarre and Debra Mallan, who have been there for decades, said they could not afford such an increase. They are month to month tenants without a lease and therefore could face almost immediate eviction.

.... The park owner justifies the request for the increase based on costly improvements to the park, including a $1.5 million revetment, a new fence and landscaping and plans to upgrade all the utilities in the park, beginning with the sewer work going on now. "   Read article.

Related ABC 7 Peninsulal News/KGO, Lyanne Melendz, 3/1/10.  "Pounding waves are threatening more homes in Pacifica. This time, high waves have already damaged two mobile homes on a bluff, at the Pacific Skies Estates Mobile Home Park. It's less than two miles away from some threatened apartments on Esplanade Avenue. Several powerful waves washed over boulders and one of them slammed into a mobile home. The impact of that wave damaged part of the skirt."  Note:  the above photograph (4 of 5 photos) is from this ABC article.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

That's ok. Most of the homeowners and renters in this trailer park will be evicted due to the huge rent increase.

Anonymous said...

Decisions, decisions. Protect the property from erosion or let it fall into the sea? Before the cost falls on the taxpayers, seems like we might give the property owner a chance to salvage his property and recoup his costs to do so.

Anonymous said...

That March 2010 threat due to high surf was only one of s series of previous storms that damaged that mobile home park. I worked with a guy who lost his mobile home I believe back in the 80's. Think there were a couple more rows (streets) of trailers before that big storm hit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Pacific Skies Park directly across from that property at Beach Blvd and Paloma where plans are to build a 9 unit condo complex with "underground" parking? Perhaps the erosion will be guaranteed to by pass that property. There's an investment i wouldn't be interested in.

Anonymous said...

Mortals invest and Mother Nature laughs.