Saturday, November 16, 2013

Streetscape improvement, Burlingame

San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 11/15/13.  "On Burlingame Avenue, mood brightens as construction progresses."

Burlingame Ave Concept Drawing PM
Streetscape improvements, messy, drawn-out,
tough on merchants, but ultimately worth it for the entire community
....  "After four months of disruptive construction, the first phase of a $16.5 million overhaul to the four-block thoroughfare is complete, and merchants and customers on the block between Park Road and Lorton Avenue are taking in their new surroundings. Their reaction? Not too shabby." 

.... "The goal of the project, besides replacing underground sewer and water lines, is to give the popular shopping destination a more walkable, European ambience. The sidewalks on the first completed block now consist of multihued pavers and have been widened from 10 to 16 feet. There are new benches, trees and hanging lanterns. 

The streetscape improvements began in April, and most of the work on the first block wrapped up in late August. The second phase of construction between Park and Primrose roads is now under way, with those streets and sidewalks scheduled to reopen in the days before Thanksgiving. Most of the money for the project comes from downtown parking fee increases and Burlingame Avenue property owners."   Read article. 

Reference -  City of Burlingame, "Birlingame Avenue Streetscape Improvements."  "The City is embarking on a major capital improvements program to transform Burlingame Avenue, from El Camino Real to California Drive, into an exciting promenade with wider sidewalks, parallel parking, improved intersections with corner bulb-outs, classic street lights and furniture, beautiful landscaping and more room for dining al fresco."   Note:  The project overview includes a current construction schedule and an updated report from Burlingame Mayor Ann Keighran, embedded video, 2:01 minutes.   The photographic rendering of the of the streetscape is from this city link. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Oh wait they are doing this on Palmetto. Yawn.

Still see zero reason to go down there.

Anonymous said...

You can pave Palmetto Avenue(or any other Pacifica street) with gold and they still won't attract the same clientele or businesses as places like Burlingame.

Time to drop these pie-in-the-sky projects and develop a business base where local residents will want to spend there money. We can never depend on tourist-oriented businesses to support this town. For the most part, tourists only show up on sunny days and often because they don't care to drive to Half Moon Bay.

todd bray said...

Anon @ 3:59 PM, sounds like an argument for a medical mary jane outlet mall in the quarry time.

Anonymous said...


"build it and they will come."