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City survival after defeat of Measure V

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 11/12/13.  "Post Measure V" by Dr. Judith Kell
Easy choices, act busy, attend meetings,
kiss babies, get reelected
Your stymied indecision
becomes my problem?

"Editor:  My first post-Measure V thought is that the City Council should immediately move to construct a spending plan to live within the limited monetary resources available to the City at this time. If precious programs have to go, they have to go — there simply isn't enough money for all that "has been" now. We all need to face what was at stake in the election and what the consequences are in light of the lack of money. All of us must know what the reality is and the City Council must act within the parameters of our city's financial situation. We do need immediate action. There is an elephant in the room, however, and that elephant (the perception on the part of some) is that the trust level for members of the City Council is not optimum. Personally, I believe that this perception is left over from what now seems like a far-away past, but it is there on the part of some, nevertheless.

I am very disappointed by the vote on Measure V, but I respect the reality that the majority of voters want a solution to our financial challenge that does not include a utility tax. Following an immediate debrief of the issues brought forth in the campaign and a review of the final voting results, there needs to be a cohesive group (perhaps pulled together jointly by the City Council working with the Chamber of Commerce) which will work to present a plan for next steps and engage the varied constituencies of our city in coming together to find ways to address our present challenges. I am not talking about "economic development" at this point, I am talking about survival."

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