Friday, November 8, 2013

Highway 1 lawsuit interrupted

1.3 mile Highway 1 improved traffic flow
between Renia del Mar and Fassler

"Editor:  Good news! A San Mateo County judge on last Thursday, Oct. 31 dismissed the Peter Loeb lawsuit seeking to further delay the Highway 1 safety widening. The judge found the lawsuit was premature because the City had not done anything to approve the final project details.  While Loeb may have jumped the gun in his rush to delay the project, another lawsuit against Caltrans and the environment report (EIR) continues.   

As chair of the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee, I want to reassure the 18,000 Pacificans who are caught in this gridlock situation that we will continue to fight to improve this stretch of road. For 25 years, this segment has caused local residents to be late for work; students late for school; and delayed emergency vehicle responses. Once these unnecessary legal roadblocks are defeated, we can finally proceed with a safety widening our entire community can benefit from."

Jim Wagner, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Chair, Government Affairs Committee

ReferenceCA Department of Transportation, District 4, "Calera Parkway widening."  Note:  graphic from this Caltrans website.

Related -   Pacifica Patch/Rob Klindt, 7/13/13,  "Lawsuit seeks to stop Highway 1 widening."  "The complaint, Peter Loeb vs. City of Pacifica, was filed July 10 in San Mateo County Superior Court. The suit contends that the project, which would add two lanes to a 1.3-mile stretch of roadway on Highway 1 between Fassler Avenue and Reina Del Mar, is inconsistent with the city’s general plan."  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

The city should have gone after this miscretin for the $$ it cost in legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, of course. How better to showcase how dearly we hold those democratic principles in Pacifika? Proceed.

Anonymous said...

making up words and legal theory?

Anonymous said...

429 Yeah, and as usual, badly flubbed both.

Hutch said...

Right on Jim! It's time we get this much needed safety improvement going.

Anonymous said...

Another controversial Caltrans project up north. The Willits Bypass of US 101 covers 5.9 miles and will cost a minimum of $300 million which Caltrans is looking for. The rhetoric from both sides sounds just like the rhetoric from both sides here. Is CA a great state, or what?