Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vegetarian, one Thanksgiving variation among many

Think of the turkey as Santa,
you wouldn't eat Santa
Eat apples, celebrate turkeys
New York Times/Well recipes. "Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2013. "Every fall, Well goes vegetarian for Thanksgiving, taking the meaty bird off the table to make room for a spectacular array of vegetarian soups, sides, main courses, salads and desserts. So get ready to save a turkey and savor the flavors of the fall harvest." 

Related articleSan Francisco Examiner/Sara Gaiser, 11/28/11.  "Not everyone is looking forward to a traditional Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.  Maybe you’re doing Thanksgiving on your own this year, or you’re bored with the family tradition of overeating and watching football. 

Maybe you’re not a fan of turkey or you think Thanksgiving is politically problematic. Maybe you want to make a difference in the world, or maybe you just can’t sit still that long.  Whatever your reason, here are some ideas for ways to make Thanksgiving truly memorable. Get out of the house and try something different this year and you might truly thankful."  

Note photographs - Santa and turkey from San Francisco Examiner/Sara Gaiser, 11/28/11, turkey hand puppets from Gronicktales. 

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You can always buy a tofu turkey!