Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving is only a name

US Today/Scott Stump, contributor, 11/27/13. "Meet the woman name for the holiday:  Dr. Happy Thanksgiving."

In the spirit: Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds, front, is photographed Sunday with her parents Thora, left and Kelly Reynolds in her Minneapolis home
Dr. Happy Thanksgiving, with Mom and Dad
.. that Happy Thanksgiving is not your name
"On Thursday, the family of a Minnesota woman will be wishing a happy birthday to Happy Thanksgiving. That's Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds of Minneapolis, to be precise, who will be celebrating her 43rd birthday on Thanksgiving, the holiday that inspired her colorful name.

....  Her parents, Thora and Kelly Reynolds, were part of the counterculture in the 1960s and chose her unorthodox name when she was born on Thanksgiving. She noted that she narrowly missed out on being named Snow because it also snowed on the day of her birth. “Yes, we were hippies,’’ Reynolds told “We made our own tofu, our own goat cheese, our own sauerkraut. My parents founded a co-op. They were into it.”  Reynolds got used to people’s reactions to her name while attending 13 different schools during a childhood spent in Minnesota and California. " The article includes an embedded NBC video, 30 seconds about the same length as the ad.

Note photographs:  "Give thanks" from  Havertown smile dentistry blog,  Dr. Happy Thanksgiving family from  Mail Online/UK/Associated Press/Ryan Gorman, 11/25/13. 

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