Saturday, May 28, 2011

Barbara Streisand Malibu land compound gift takes an unintended trail

I'm waiting for the day the battles start in Pacifica!

When Barbra Streisand donated her 20.5-acre compound that includes four residences in the Malibu hills to the state 18 years ago, she envisioned it being used as a think tank for the advanced study of ecosystem management.  It didn't work out that way. Instead, the residences have been converted into the executive offices of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, plans for additional uses are tied up in a lawsuit, Streisand's name has been removed from the property at her request, and the use of the land has become a source of escalating friction between the park agency and its Malibu neighbors.  And last week Gov. Jerry Brown stepped into the fray by citing the property in his May budget revision as a potential example of state-owned land that could be sold if it is determined to have "no state programmatic use."

As it exists today, the park is blocked to the public by a locked gate and is used only by agency staff and by special groups by reservation. A plan that includes broader uses, such as overnight camping for disabled persons, hiking trails and day-use picnicking, was approved last year by the California Coastal Commission, but that decision has been challenged in court by neighbors.  Brown's suggestion that the compound be sold has triggered a flurry of reaction, with park proponents launching a "Don't Sell Ramirez Canyon" video on Facebook and YouTube, a coalition of conservation groups firing off a letter to legislative budget-writers calling the idea "shortsighted," and a neighborhood group launching a lobbying effort to promote the sale for what it calls "compelling public policy reasons."  Read more Ventura County Star 5/26/11.

"Don't sell Ramirez Canyon Park, video 5/25/11, 3:45 minutes
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, small article, Ramirez Canyon Park background.
Malibu Patch 5/16/11, "Ramirez Park for Sale?

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Anonymous said...

Streisand talks like a communist, but lives like a capitalist. Years ago she had a tantrum when people were walking on the beach in front of her home. I wonder what made her donate. I guess she realized that her actions did not follow her words. She is irrelevant and has lost her voice. Buh Bye! Oh , but thanks for the trail of chaos you have invoked.

Kathy Meeh said...

Its unfortunate that Barbara Streisand's property donation was not used for the purpose she intended. That's should be direct criticism against the "open space" organization, and possibly her transfer-of-property attorney, rather than a diatribe against Streisand.

Anon (925), how bold your extreme political polarization labels, and further pronouncement of Streisand's "relevancy" is. Possibly you are not an adult, or were born recently; therefore, you may not remember the long, distinguished career of Barbara Streisand. Here is the "free" list and click-through to her musical lyrics and songs on videos. Enjoy these wonderful songs, from an important part of her career.

As for not wanting the potential of uninvited strangers in your beach-front backyard day or night, well? Rich or poor, anyone, try it some time, its scary.

Anonymous said...

Streisand is an incredible artist. Her voice and musical style have influenced generations of other singers. Easy to take silly shots at her personal choices and lifestyle but you can't touch that voice.

Anonymous said...

She lost her voice. I have every right to speak negatively about Streisand. I was a fan until she started squawking. There is nothing more annoying to me than to listen to a very rich person pushing socialism, when all the while they know they will never lose their wealth. I am happy she no longer can sing, she has lost her voice. She is another elitest communist. She even admitted as much.

Kathy Meeh said...

"I have every right to speak negatively about Streisand."

And, Barbara Streisand has every right to address social and political issues that exist in our society. The difference is you are name-calling and attacking her. Streisand is a Democrat, not a Communist, these are not the same; educate yourself with facts rather than goofy, far right-wing, dangerous ideology.

When you say "I am happy she no longer can sing", have you also considered that you may have a humanity problem? However, Streisand did sing recently, which was televised on our Channel 9, and her voice was still good.

Anonymous said...

Streisand is a communist, she admitted as much. She can no longer sing, I went to hear her. Listen carefully, she lost her voice. She is a traitor to this country. Get it!

Kathy Meeh said...

Where's your reference and ability to prove your point, Anon (1121)? When you offer no proof, or irrelevant or idiotic references, it doesn't make you look good. To paraphrase Ian from a past statement, "it make Anonymous look bad".

Barbara Streisand has been a favorite supporter of Democrat politics since 1964 through the last election. Examples: "Democratic National Convention, 1964 and Democratic Congressional Campaign, 2002 and supported Obama following Hillary, 2008.

Streisand will be 70 years old next April, she no longer has the voice or persona of a 35 year old. She was an invited artist to the 2/13/11 Grammy Awards (quality of the you-tube volume was not the best), and released a newly recorded album 8/11: Windmills of your mind. The volume and voice clarity is better on this video.

Not that it matters, except that you are "happy she lost her voice", swell! And, if you're looking for a Command Government look no further than the current Corporate owned Congress majority.

Anonymous said...

Is a jealous Neil Diamond posting on Fix Pacifica? When Babs sings it's like butter!

Anonymous said...

The hateful "I'm happy she can no longer sing",
says it all. Vile. Politics aside.

mike bell said...

Oh boy name calling!!!
Georg W was an idiot frat boy, who drank beer and rode a bicycle on his Disneyland "dude ranch" while his evil puppetmasters stole every last penny out of America's middle class and poor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he never could sing.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with drinking beer

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all when on the ranch but those drunken naked bike rodeos in the oval office were hardly presidential.