Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote for Pacifica

Hi everyone - If you have voted thanks - but please remind others to vote!!! 
Please please please vote for our town!  We have only 5 3 days left!  and need at least 200 votes!!! 

Vote for Pacifica here!! 

We have 57 votes which seems to be good but Baker City, OR has 149, Walla Walla, WA with 128 and Franklin, TN with 90 something are all ahead of us - can you believe it? 

There are a couple of others ahead of us but not alot.  We have a great chance! 

Some people have had trouble voting.  When you sign on go to the home page.  You have to register an email address - most of us have one for this purpose.  They want your birthday but of course well... 

They just need a working email address.  They are measuring number of votes and enthusiasm!!!! 

If we win - we are included in their Rand McNally/USA TOday road Rally plus our pictures will be included in their map! 

Let's all jump in and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!  Put Pacifica in the Rally!!! and on the MAP! 

Mary Ann 

Update: Latest tally in the "Most Beautiful" category with 3 days left - Baker City, Oregon has 151 votes; Coral Gables, Florida has 132 votes; and Pacifica is third with 113 votes. 

Submitted by Mary Ann Nihart

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ian butler said...

We are now second with 188 votes, a mere 36 votes out of first place. Last night Mary Ann raised the stakes, she said if Pacifica wins she will donate $500 to Pacifica Community Television! So if you haven't already, it's time to step up to the plate, spend the mayor's money, and vote!