Monday, May 23, 2011 - voting extended until May 30th

Hi everyone and thanks for voting for Pacifica if you have done so already.  If not then you still have time!  Rand McNally/USA Today have decided to extend the voting for best small towns until May 30th.  In some ways this is not good since we are so far ahead in the "Most Beautiful" category right now and in other ways it gives us time to make our town even more attractive by trying to get most votes over all as well as some of the places we have and wish to honor.  You can vote for more than one place!  As a strategy, it seems best to vote for as many things Pacifica as possible.  

We have been reaching about 100 per day over the weekend.  Right now we are only about 150 votes behind the overall leader for smalls towns which is Clarksville, TN.  We could easily take the "Most Fun" Town also focusing on hiking, surfing, etc.  We are not only trying to have Rand McNally feature us and USA Today write about us, but we want the Road Rally to stop here as well.  

Some of you have been having trouble signing on this page.  Make sure you have cleared your internet history first.  Then go to the registration page at  Register a working email address on the left-hand side of the page.  Wait until they send you an email and then you can sign on.  Of course they are collecting emails, but you can opt out of allowing them to send things to you.  

You can only vote for our town in one category so make sure we are still 100 votes ahead of Coral Gables in the "Most Beautiful" category, and if so vote for Pacifica as "Most Fun" instead.  There are not as many votes in that category and we could take it too.  Go after it all you surfers!  After that we have nominated Gorilla BBQ for "Best BBQ" make sure to vote for them.  Also "Best Fishing Spot" - Pacifica Pier.  Feel free to nominate in other categories this week and get people to vote for places in Pacifica as well.

Everyone has been doing great - we just have to keep it up for one more week!  We now have thru May 30th so forward this to friends, family, people all over and get them to VOTE for Pacifica!

Thanks so much for all you did this weekend!
Now we have time to do even more!  Forward this to everyone you know!  Talk to the, convince them, vote for Pacifica!

All my Best 
Mary Ann
Submitted by Mary Ann Nihart

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