Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of the world again - no way!

Void of catastrophic mishap, scientists give earth 500,000 years until heat from the sun makes our planet intolerable for most life.  As for Harold J. Camping who has predicted the "end of the world" for the second time, this time he is 90 years old and it is about the end of his world.

Judgment Day May 21 Billboard Predicts End of the World 
From  Miller-McCune Smart Journalism 5/17/11.  "If you are reading this after May 21, congratulations. You have survived yet another doomsday prediction.  For the past several months, Family Radio Worldwide has been spreading the message that Judgment Day is scheduled for May 21, 2011. This news probably comes as a surprise to those of you who thought the Mayan calendar picked the winter solstice of Dec. 21, 2012, for the big finish. Or at least a shock for those of you who sat through the 2009 disaster movie 2012 and thought it might be a documentary."

Scared, still think Camping's "judgment day" prediction is plausible, based upon his allegorical selective date,  mathematical mumbo-jumbo?  Looking for religious assurance?  Spend 55 minutes listing to the sanity and reason antidote from Rev Steve Marquedant, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Ontario, CA.  Be troubled no more, or search for more information on the internet; or just wait-out the fear until Sunday, May 22nd.

As for the Mayan calendar which ends December 21, 2012, the more likely prediction from that past civilization was "its time to start a new calendar".  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Well that is one way to get the city out of debt!

Mr Toad said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the PSD plan all these years! Brilliant!

Kathy Meeh said...

You two are so much thinking about the larger group. I was thinking no mortgage to pay.

Anonymous said...

I get first dibs on Kathy's house!!!

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon (419), you will be so disappointed, because 1) it isn't happening, or 2) you may be 1 of the 133,000 of all the people who have ever lived on the planet that are saved, taken-up naked into the sky ("the rapture"). 3) The rest of us, if we survive until the end, will be hanging-out enjoying the earthquake in very bad times until October 21st (6 months later) when the entire planet crumbles, melts, explodes, or whatever.

Potentially there goes the rest of the universe, why not? This is a really icky allegory. Bottom line, temporarily look for a better, safer house. Mine will probably land down hill on Linda Mar Boulevard.

CNN News bloggers have a few comments today, under "Weekend plans". Continue reading, if interested, until "U.S. sanctions target Syrian president.." Someone set the timing for this "end-time" catastrophic event at 6pm, so D (a blogger) commented, "Darn. My End of the World Party doesn't start until 6:30 on Saturday." And, JohnnerMan (another blogger) said, "I'm glad that God acknowledges our (man-made) International Date Line. I wonder if heaven observes daylight savings time?" No doubt there are similar blog comments out there. Enjoy the day, Saturday, and be careful; some people may be emotional, distracted, and a few people may be a little off-balance.

Tom Clifford said...

I think I will take in a movie this weekend the stuff I will see [Thor or Priest] is more likely to happen in real life then the world ending on the 21th.

Anonymous said...

I get first dibs on Tom's house also!!

Kathy Meeh said...

Start the party, ripped-off by "doomsday again" isn't happening 6pm anywhere. Back to being your own rotten self, what a relief!

Pacifica Tribune account after 5pm today, 5/21/11. Same ol', same 'ol. A volcano did erupt beneath a glacier in Iceland, some endangered ice bacteria may have been blown to smithereens.

Video YESTERDAY from Anderson Cooper,
"a true believer" anticipating this event. (The video is about 4 minutes long including the advance commercial). Harold Camping speaks, not very coherently in this video.

Tom Clifford said...

Thor won !!! An keep your hands off my house. My dog will eat your lunch and I hate cleaning up her messes.