Monday, May 30, 2011

Postponement of Public Hearing

Postponement of Meetings of the 7/11 Advisory Committee Meeting

The Public Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st by the 7/11 Advisory Committee, Pacifica School District is postponed.  The purpose of the Public Hearing is to  obtain  community  feedback  in  order  to  make  a recommendation  to  the  Pacifica  School  District  Board  of  Trustees  with  regards  to  the  possibility  of  declaring the  following  properties  surplus:    

Oddstad  School  –APR  023672600  ‐‐ 930  Oddstad  Blvd.  

Pitto  Ranch  Lot  –APN  023255120  (property  located  between  1459  and  1465  Perez  Drive)  

The Pacifica School District will do a formal posting of the rescheduled Public Hearing and exceed the posting requirements by advertising in the following media:   The Pacifica Tribune, Pacifica Riptide, Fix Pacifica, and Pacifica Patch.  

Submitted by Mike O'Neill

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todd bray said...

Good job. According to minutes from previous such hearings proper noticing was lacking, at least that's what PSD board member Ms. Menefee said at the time... again according to the minutes I read.