Monday, May 30, 2011

Derelict apartment complex in San Bruno may finally be rebuilt

Updated: 05/30/2011 09:50:19 PM PDT

SAN BRUNO -- At its first meeting in June, the City Council will consider giving the owners of the long-abandoned Treetop Apartments six more months to get construction started.

It's the last thing neighbors want to hear, having lived with the derelict buildings at the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Sharp Park Road since 2005. They've had a front-row seat to the broken windows, dumped TV sets and chain-link fence that surrounds the site.

"I've heard this story before," said Julie Rossovich, 42, who has owned her house on nearby Summit Road since 1993.

Mayor Jim Ruane said this is the last delay, however, and that work will start by September.

"This is it, you can bank on it," Ruane said. "They have to get their financing first."

Ruane was referring to Denver-based Apartment Investment and Management Co., or Aimco, which has owned the 308-unit collection of buildings since 2001. The company is in the final stages of securing funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the project to completely overhaul the property, which will cost as much as $60 million.

Construction crews have started doing earthmoving work. Workers are clearing away contaminated dirt left behind by a gas station that used to sit at the corner.


Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Good Grief Charlie Brown! More AIMCO shenanigans... they operate four of the 6 low income housing units in Pacifica (the Senior units are true Section 8, they're run well and not on my assault list.) Once Treetops is rebuilt you can guarantee it will become another low income haven. They'll apply to participate in The Housing Choice Voucher program like they have with our Pacifica properties. Lucky San Bruno!

Anonymous said...

Gateway Drive apartments where major trouble when they where section 8 housing. The police beat was filled with calls to Gateway Drive every week.

Now it seems they cleaned them up and rent them for market rents they have better tenants.

Anonymous said...

They're still a mess, but it's a comparative issue. If they accept vouchers, it's still Section 8 wearing a fancy costume. A friend recently divorced and moved in there (native Pacifican.) He also 'thought it was cleaned up' ...obviously not. While researching other complexes, he also learned there were 6 more just like it. Not a politically correct conversation: HUD helps people find affordable housing, the Pacifica Resource Center gives them freebies and we reap the benefits in our community. Everyone wins!