Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keeping up with recent scams

You may know of, or have experienced other scams during our recession. 

From Silicon Mercury News consumer shared action line, and consumer shared information 5/17/11.  I thought this one was of interest.

"Have you run into the 'generic utility worker uniform' scam? 
.. I just wanted to let your readers know about a scam that happened to my family recently.  Last week, a man dressed in a generic utility-worker uniform approached my elderly father in the driveway. He told my dad that they needed to check for a gas leak. He then told him that his partner was running late and he needed my dad to help him by standing in the backyard and watching for something. While my dad and the "worker" were in the backyard, someone else came into the house and robbed us (taking most of my parents' jewelry and some birth certificates). My father did not realize this until they were long gone.  Let this be a lesson to people to not let anyone they don't know into their homes.  David"

Posted by Kathy Meeh 

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