Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Fergit: Vote for Pacifica

Hi everyone

We have stayed in the hunt all week, in the First Annual Rand McNally/USA Today "Best of the Road" Contest.  Nothing like the voting of last weekend, but we maintained a steady climb.  In the overall "Best Town," we held on to second place 175 votes behind Clarksville, TN with a military base they have swept the "Most Patriotic" category.  We remain in the lead by approximately 120 votes for "Most Beautiful."  right behind us is Coral Gables, FL for which votes continue to accumulate at about the same rate.  Some people are voting for Pacifica as "Most Friendly" but we will probably not catch the top vote for Friendliest in which Walla Walla, WA has 258 and we only have 21.  At one point we had a shot at "Most Fun" but since it is our third category it does not show up on the Town page for Pacifica and so people miss it.  To vote for Pacifica as "Most Fun" you actually must search for Pacifica in that category.  Vacaville has pulled ahead at 94 votes while we have 5.  We can continue to vote until May 30th and we need to push hard this weekend.  Get your friends to vote!  Send this out to your email list.  Get out of town people to vote for Pacifica! I still think in the next three days we could take it all!

Let's also focus on the Best Places.  Most of these have only a few votes.  You can vote for each of the categories so there is no reason we could not take most of the categories in which we have a nomination.  If you have already voted, thank you!!!  Even if you have voted for Pacifica, sign back on and vote for Best Places.  
In the Best Places categories, we have the following places and businesses nominated:

Best BBQ - Gorilla BBQ is in the lead with 13 votes

Best Fishing Spot - Pacifica Pier is in Second Place with 7 votes.  The top vote getter has only 8

Best National/State Park - GGNRA has 2 votes, the top has only 11

Best Beach - Linda Mar Beach - we have 4, the top vote getter has 12

Some of the other Best Places have only a few votes so feel free to nominate other businesses and places in Pacifica.  The more categories we take the more likely we will be a stop on the First Annual Rand McNally/USA Today Road Trip.  We want Pacifica featured widely so get your friends and family out to vote!  Tell the Business owners you have voted for them!

To vote:  Sign on to, register, and then write a short review to vote.  Remember:  If you are visiting the site for the first time, you must register an email address before you vote.  They need a working email to send you the link so you can sign in.  I know they are collecting working email addresses but most of us have an address for junk mail and you can also opt out of receiving emails from them.

This is a great opportunity to showcase Pacifica so please please please vote for any of the places mentioned today!  Let's show our hometown pride!   Thru May 30th, let's vote for Pacifica!

Have a great weekend!
Mary Ann

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