Monday, April 5, 2010

Smart bugs

Smart land science - No more chopping-out non-native weeds

Now there's a solution, let the bug which like them eat them.

Bob Rich and his family are gearing up for another year of bug collecting. It's what he, his wife, his son and a few close friends do at Weedbusters Biocontrol in Missoula, Montana. These non-native plants overpower and displace much of our native vegetation and create a real problem for landowners. We find bugs that eat only these nonindigenous plants. And they are able to clear up the land." Rich said this method is natural, nonchemical and highly compatible with organic farming and ranching. "biological control," which is the use of a living organism to control a pest. The pest in this case is any noxious or invasive plant not indigenous to a particular region. Full story

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