Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Thanks about the Crime Meeting

This is the kind of story Fix Pacifica should be all over.

Many Thanks.

A very special thanks to Jim Wagner, for setting up the Pacifica Community Meeting at Saint Peters Church. Thanks to Chief Saunders and Dave Bertini from the Pacifica Police Department for doing a great job. Thanks to St. Peters Church. A very special thanks to Mary Ann Nihart, who rushed to the meeting, and Sue Digre.

A very special thanks for all the Pacifica residents who showed up for the meeting. Including our City Manager Steve Rhodes.

Pacifica residents, keep an eye out for people who do not belong in your neighborhood. Some very good ideas where mentioned as motion lights in the front and back of your house, alarms and just keeping a good eye out for suspicious activity.

James Alex
Park Pacifica

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