Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Eureka Square business is gone

Just thought I'd point out that the little video store that's been at Eureka Square for years is now gone. Video stores are a dying business, so that may have been the main problem, but Jeez Louise, it looks like Eureka Square is at least 50% empty.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there Lease was up? I know that First National Bank is Closeing down on June 25, 2010..they opened that Branch on Jan. 4, 1965...I suppose there Lease was up ?...the owners of that Shopping Center Raised the Bank's Rent so High that they can no longer afford to stay there, I have been going to First National Bank since 1969..they will be missed! most of the employees lost there I will have to bank at the Linda Mar Branch, and I am not too happy about that....I have a feeling the owners of that Shopping Center are gonna sell out to a Building Developer...This is just what Pacifica needs More Traffic on Highway 1, and elsewhere.
Oh what a headache!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the owners or management of the Shopping Center are doing everything they can do to clear out the center and then will go back to the City and say they can't rent it out so they need to get a variance to have residential in that area. This is getting way out of hand the way the management is dealing with their tenants. They are making absolutely no effort to keep anyone there by asking for huge rent increases. If I was the owner of the supermarket and put all that money into renovation, I would be really p.o.ed!

Steve Sinai said...

Hanlon's Razor is an eponymous adage which reads:

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

I have a feeling that what's going on at Eureka Square is better explained by an incompetent property manager than a plot to drive everyone out.

Given the well-publicized rent increases the property manager has been asking for, there's no way anyone would believe that Eurkea Square management has made a good-faith effort to succeed, so it's hard to imagine there would be much community support for any proposal to turn it into residential or even mixed-use.

Kathy Meeh said...

First Anonymous, how about fix the highway, rather than bemoan "traffic". Developers have to mitigate traffic when they build in Pacifia, if building is possible prior to bankruptcy.

oh the traffic the traffic said...

you moron hippies always cry about the traffic, waaaa the traffic.