Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sharp Park Beach signs

Here is a link to an article about officals intent to put up signs at Sharp Park Beach  I could not find the picture shown in this Wednesday's paper of "the sign".  If you can find it, please post it with this.  I just came in from walk in that area and managed to locate exactly one sign at one of the 3 entries to the beach. Is there a  plan for more signs?  I hope so, one should be at each entry to the beach and  there should be some signs out on the berm.  It was a very windy and rough day out there today and once again some ding dong guy with two little weenie dogs was running them off leash on the beach and sure enough they ran out into the surf and he ran right in after them. He was fortunate not to drown.
Sharon Smoliarz


Kathy Meeh said...

Sharon, looks like more signs are up now. I drove down Beach Blvd. today and saw two signs in red and white at the south Sharp Park beach entry near the golf course. Don't know about postings on the berm. Incoming waives were very high there today also. Thanks for this post.

Kathy Meeh 4 City Council said...

Kathy Meeh you have all the answers, why don't you run for city council?

I mean how are you trying to fix Pacifica?

Kathy Meeh said...

No thanks. We do need 3 genuine pro-economic development city council candidates. I'm tired of seeing my name so will go underground for a while, except for articles.

Sure glad the city posted waive danger signs at Sharp Park Beach.

Sharon said...

Hey Kathy thanks for the update, glad more signs are up. It's probably a San Francisco or GGNRA issue to get postings out on the berm.