Saturday, April 10, 2010

How much is an I-pad worth?

Pacifica small crook robber couple steal an I-pod (or several) and get caught

I-pad video
Article 4/8/2010, San Mateo County Times 

The lure of purchasing a cool I-pad from Craigslist ad puts the seller in jeopardy. Purchasing couple pepper sprays the seller in Lunardi's market parking lot and runs. A witness wrote down the couples partial auto license and police were able to trace them to their Pacifica home.  

From the Article....James and Elizabeth Limos — who are 31 and 30 years old, respectively — twice responded to Craigslist ads offering iPads for sale...but when it came time to make the purchase, they hit their victims in the face with pepper spray and ran off with the devices.  The victim wasn't seriously hurt, he said. Police believe the husband and wife committed a similar crime Monday in Daly City and that there may be other victims... they arranged to meet the victims in a public place and then pulled out the pepper spray while making the transaction...the couple planned to resell the devices online.  The couple was booked into San Mateo County jail on charges of robbery, identity theft and conspiracy, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. Elizabeth Limos was also arrested on suspicion of methamphetamine possession.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh said...

Anyone know? There may be outstanding questions about the sellers: 1) why I-pads are being sold by street vendors, 2) are these vendors licensed, 3) are these "pads", knock-offs or stolen merchandise, 4)what role does Craigslist have as an advertising posting intermediary?

First sentence typo "I-pad", not I-pod.

Concerned Citizen said...

So Vreland has been stealing from the taxpayers of Pacifica for years now???

Anonymous said...

That's it, the sellers are crooks. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Currently ~$399-599 depending on the bells and whistles.

Anonymous said...

If you want an I Pad, buy it from a retail store. Never buy ffom anyone on the street. People have been robbed of their I Pads leaving the store. It might be best to buy from a retail store or on line.

Kathy Meeh said...

Conviction begins for the Pacifica iPad robbers SM Times article 6/27/10.