Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama kicks off Nationals' season update

To the Party of "No" - Eat Dirt!  
But, wouldn't civility be better? 

Mentioned on Channel 5 news this morning (4/9) throwing a baseball from the pitchers position over the catchers plate without a bounce is as not so easy for most of us.

So,  here's our President having a good time throwing-out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals April 5th, while most Americans there seem to understand 1) civility, 2) baseball is bipartisan, 3) throwing-out the first pitch is a 100 year Presidential tradition, 4) such activities are a matter of State, thus representing "all the people". The event was also 5) a fund raiser for the stadium, and 6) an annual benefit honoring the Month of the Military Child.  And, when a small percentage of the stadium audience booed were they booing "all of the above"?  Their antics and lack of decorum were really not appropriate, surely Americans can do better than that.  

Description of the festivity from Washington Nationals website (be sure to check out "related coverage") .  Winning the game from The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper
Phillies 11-1, 6 hours, 29 minutes later
Photos of  4/5/2010
Presidents throwing-out the first pitch, a 100 year tradition
Month of the Military Child (an annual event)
Washington Nationals stadium history prior to National Park 4/2008

 Posted by Kathy Meeh


Patriot said...

"eat dirt" that's very civil.

Kathy Meeh said...

Note 6 reasons not to boo, now that was uncivil. One reporter estimated 10% of the crowd did boo, back to civic class on bipartisan issues, Patriot, the President represents the people.

Patriot said...

I'm noting your comment, "eat dirt". I wasn't there, I didn't "boo". The President has put down people who don't agree with his policies and goes his own way. He does not represent "the people". He represents the progressive left wing of the Democratic party. No doubt.

Kathy Meeh said...

"EAT DIRT" is my personal comment. The idiom seems appropriate enough to me. Yes our President (whoever that may be) represents all the people, particularly during ceremonial occasions-- hello?

President Obama is probably a centrist who lives in the 21st century, I think you might have difficulty supporting the alternative (progressive left) conjecture.

The article above is limited to a first of the season baseball game, but since you brought it up....during the past year when did you stop booing this President? Were you also booing the President in the prior 8 years? When did you start believing the whipped-up inflammatory inaccurate rhetoric from the far right? Where do you think that's going?

Patriot said...

Were we talking civility? Where is yours? You are very rude person and have arguments that don't make sense most of the time. You need to read more and find words that are not inflammatory yourself.

Kathy Meeh said...

Sometimes keeping the record correct may seem rude to those who don't bother.

Two small examples of not keeping the record accurate include those constitutional amendments two of you referred to in support on this blog. 1) check-out that 28TH AMENDMENT which doesn't exist. Or, 2) how about how the Fascist/Socialist Federal Government power agenda to take-over the power of the States 10TH AMENDMENT . Be sure you read that one carefully.

Hey, the article was about baseball, and civility toward our President of the United States throwing out the first baseball of the season, a 100 year ceremonial tradition.

I can't understand Meeh said...

Kathy Meeh,

WTF are you talking about? All you write is gibberish.

Kathy Meeh said...

Leave me alone you big bully! I am missing Simons.

Kathy Meeh said...

Clearly the above posting is not me, and both postings are dweeb relevant. "Can't understand" maybe follow the above article pictures, and watch the video. Maybe you'll figure-it-out, if not you may want to stop trying.

Un-Meeh, do you realize you have sent the same waste-of-time message under my name prior? My reply then and now is: Of course I miss Jeff and Robbyn Simons and their family-- people who have made a contribution to this community while here and later as well.

Kathy Meeh said...

Yoda told me we need to think of our community with less provincial, better informed, pragmatic views-- rather than be stuck in regressive political tribalism.