Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter to the Editor

As I pick up the April 7th, 2010 Tribune, the lead story is "Council seeks "best use" study for old sewer plant." Wait a minute, another consultant, more consultant fees???
The Waster Water Treatment Plant has a "highest and best use" study done. That was done in the appraisal for the property. Every commercial real estate appraisal has a section that covers the highest and best use for a property.  The very appraisal that City Hall tried many times to hide from the public. You ask why? Cause the highest and best use was not the City Hall at the Waste Water Plant Jim Vreeland was trying to have built.
Jim Vreeland, and Pete DeJarnatt, claimed the current City Hall, was unsafe and unhealthy for City workers to work in. They both, where pushing for the City Hall to be built at the old Waste Water Treatment Plant.

When, I spoke at the City Council meeting regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant, I mentioned now is the time to get a bid package ready. The economy is not right for this type of project but in time the economy will turn, capital will return to the markets and so will able developers who can built a project, such as this.

The current City Council has failed us again, Pacifican's. The mere people who bankrupted the town by not waiting anything built are the City Councils Sphere of Influence!!

After all our City Council, minus Mary Ann Nihart, gave the exclusive rights to develop this property to Skyfield USA. We all know how that turned out. A group with no money, no expertise in real estate development.

James Alex
Park Pacifica

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