Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pacifica is broken

From Letters-to-the-Editor


This town is fundamentally broken. Pacifica has a multi-million dollar budget deficit. It has a multi-million dollar pension deficit. Pacifica Lumber yard is closing. The bank at Eureka Square is closed. The rest of the center looks like a ghost town. The Rockaway antique store went under. Horizons is empty and has been for years. The Manor Shell station has remained burn-out and boarded up for well over a year. Now Mayor Sue Digre blows off almost 20,000 south Pacifica residents who are faced with Highway 1 traffic delays from Fassler to Vallemar because she can't figure out a solution. She lives in the north end of town. Maybe she doesn't care. She certainly isn't pro-active. 

Frank Vella


Diggery said...

Vella rocks.

Jim Alex said...

Frank, Excellent letter to the editor!!!!

Kathy Meeh said...

So, "this town is fundamentally broken". Big deal, who cares. Mayor Digre says the shuttle will solve the problem. Anyhow those who vote us into office want "nothing for Pacifica". How good is that? Tear down the buildings, and give us more unproductive open space, "more open space is better".

We want "nothing for Pacifica", we're waiting for ocean level to rise and take over. Why build anything it only costs money to provide city services. And,"if you don't build it, they won't come"-- everyone knows that. And, "don't build it" definitely includes the highway, we've "saved" you from that for 8 years.

Oh, but this is election year, so we DID have another conversation about developing Palmetto Avenue (13 proposals, 20 years). That should be good enough to fool 80% of you who actually think we care about city improvement, ha, ha. Ghost town and volunteer extended work force is better.

Some of you were complaining about the 5.5% sewer tax increase, so what's the problem? Its election year, this year you get a break. Next year we're handing you what may be a $50 million dollar bill to replace 50+ year sewer collection pipes. Try to say no to that probable 30% rate increase.

As you know advance city planning is not part of our job description, that only exists in other cities-- and, we promise to keep everything just as it is and with further decay less so. The advantage of a ghost town is you can better see your face in what used to be store front windows.