Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pacifica residential crime prevention information meeting

Pacifica Police Department
Residential crime handbook
Article not associated with the meeting "Neighborhood Watch" article

Okay the meeting didn't go like this, and at this point there has been no formation of peaceful "neighborhood watch" groups. Councilmember Nihart discussed a successful neighborhood "watch group" she helped organize with the important walking door-to-door notification assistance of Robin Reneil in the West Sharp Park area.

Is crime up in Pacifica? Police Chief Saunders said their statistics indicate slightly from 2008 to 2009
What kind of crime is it? Mainly auto theft, and residential burglary and auto break-ins.
Where is it? About geographically even through-out Pacifica.
Who is doing these crimes? Gender neutral, both men and women; and not gang related.

Police Chief Saunders said if you sense something unusual or stolen in your neighborhood call our city 24 hour police line at 355-4151. You are your best neighborhood observer, be watchful. Reporting irregularities also helps our police department also track patterns of repeated crime. If you're not sure its a crime (but it could be) call.

Emergency or noticed crime in process, call 911 on a land phone line, if cell phone call the 355-4151 number and include that number on your cell phone for emergency.

The 355-4151 police station telephone number is usually for a lower priority inquiry, except on cell phones only 911 goes to a bay area central location in Vallejo and will delay response.

General advisement: Be careful, lock your doors at home and doors and windows when not home, get to know and talk to neighbors, pick-up newspapers, garbage cans (always appear to be home), don't leave items in cars, don't make crime easy for criminals, and be aware criminals are always looking for an easy target.

The above is one person's observation of the meeting.

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Kathy Meeh said...

Unintentionally edit-out of the above article, this meeting was called and introduced by citizen Jim Wagner. The Police Department was represented by Chief Jim Saunders, and Sargent David Bertini. Representing the City was Steve Rhodes, City Manager, and Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart. Councilmember Nihart discussed her neighborhood watch group and fielded audience questions. Councilmember Sue Digre was present in the audience. Thanks to Jim Alex for giving proper recognition to this meeting organization albeit in the separate article above.

Something else. Sargent Bertini made a simple clarification between residential burglary (when you are NOT there) vs. residential robbery (when you are there). Sometimes these words get confused. Here's some related LEGAL CRIME DISTINCTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Kathy.

Unfortunately I could not attend due to a conflict with another Pacifica event, so I'm glad you covered what was discussed.