Sunday, November 6, 2016

Support one modern library for our community

Pacifica Tribune/Local Views/Letters to the Editor/Print Edition A6, 10/26/16.  "Yes, new library" by Monica Olson

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Pacifica Library Foundation Board
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Provide a modern library for our youth.
"Dear Editor, I, a senior citizen, would like to thank all the Friends of the Library who have over the years enriched our libraries with their funding. Through countless hours of volunteer work they have managed to provide extra programs for all ages which we wouldn't have had without their hard work. Now their labors can no longer make up for the failing buildings.  We need a new library. We must move on and sacrifice for our most serious need, the enrichment of our young.

Whereas getting old is not easy, it has always been the privilege of elders to help its younger generations when they could. Voting YES on N for a new, up-to-date library that can be open seven days a week would be a fabulous legacy for our youth. We can do it.

Recently I stood outside the San Mateo City Library for some time and noted carpools of mothers and children, as well as older persons, arriving for special programs. We can do that in Pacifica, too.
Visit other city libraries. They are great, like the kind we had as kids. Lives have been changed by the kindness of librarians and knowledge enlivened; sensibilities stimulated. Let's dare to open the world to wonder. Let's keep learning. Let's care. The stars are aligning for us to be able to finance such a gift for our community especially for the young. We now can take advantage of low interest rates, land-on-hand -- (none of which comes from the pothole fund, by the way). We will be walking the talk of caring city for all when we vote YES on N." 
Reference, organizations. Pacifica Friends of The Library.  Pacifica Library Foundation.  City of Pacifica, proposed new library. and Yes on N, our library, our Pacifica.  Facebook.  Reference, the ballot measure.  Ballotpedia:  Measure N, library bond issue. The following question will appear on the ballot: To build a new Library that will eliminate building deficiencies like leaky roofs and deteriorating electrical wiring; improve earthquake/fire safety and disability access; enable modern computer technology and internet access; and provide safe spaces and study areas for teens and children seven days a week; shall the City of Pacifica issue $33,500,000 in general obligation bond subject to financial audits and citizens' oversight?"     Note photographs from the Pacifica Library Foundation.  The people, the Board of Directors; the crowded library from the Project, "One Library for Pacifica." "One is better than two. Pacifica's current library branches must operate on one budget split in two. Two buildings mean fewer hours, fewer services and programs, and more money spent to duplicate the children's and multimedia collections. This model is financially unsustainable. Pacifica needs a sensible solution." 
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Pacifica can support two modern libraries!South San Francisco just re-opened Grand Avenue library with a complete rebuild for $3,500,000.We could do Sharp Park & Sanchez for under $10,000,000 instead of $33,500,000 for one at Sharp Park!Look at savings: We could operate libraries 24 hrs day,seven days week for millions saved.Just saying.

Anonymous said...

"Pacifica can support two modern libraries!" No, it obviously can't, otherwise both of ours would be much bigger, more complete and open full time, and we wouldn't be having to vote on a single new one that will meet our needs.

"South San Francisco just re-opened Grand Avenue library with a complete rebuild for $3,500,000." I'm jealous. If we had almost twice our population and a functioning economy and an absence of obstructionists who fight to oppose everything that would improve the city and would generate revenue, we'd probably be able to sustain two libraries too.

Anonymous said...

What you are saying is Pacifica can't compete ,so it shifts $33,500,000 burden to homeowners.

Anonymous said...

Nimbies promised us the greatest turd factory in the world in Vallemar and it never worked right. Same thing will happen with the library.