Sunday, November 13, 2016

Economic forecast revision, Trump

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Economic forecast potential, yikes!
Beacon Economics, an economic forecast for the U.S. and California, Fall 2016. "Trump win changes U.S. outlook but 'unknowns' are huge."

"The election of Donald Trump has caused a leading economic forecast to change its U.S. outlook from one of steady, if mediocre, economic expansion to one with the very real possibility of a coming recession. This is partially based on the fact that the Republicans unexpectedly won both chambers of Congress, removing the political gridlock that might have prevented major policy changes from occurring.

While the specific economic outcomes of a Trump presidency are largely unknown and will depend on what happens during the first few months of his administration, the forecast released today by Beacon Economics points to several policies he campaigned aggressively on that could create enough of a shock to the economy to tip the nation into a recessionary period."   Read more.

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