Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Manipulating an election, and getting by with it

Change.org/Rev. Maureen Gill Ausbrook, 11/14/16. "Request the Department of Justice obtain an injunction against Electoral College. 
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Got you covered on the first one.  And
"the ends justify the means" on the second one.

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Manipulated national election?
And, manipulated local election?
"On December 19, 2016, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots to determine who will become president of the United States. ----  the petitioners hereby respectfully request an injunction against the Electors of the Electoral College barring them from affirming any presidential candidate until after a full and impartial investigation, conducted in a transparent, non-partisan, professional way, assures the court and the American people that no illegal actions designed to subvert the national election conducted this past November 8th, 2016 succeeded in their intended illegal purpose.

----  *Note: This petition is predicated solely on a reasonable examination and belief in the integrity of numerous statements that have been publicly made alleging that it is a very real possibility that the election could have been illegally manipulated by a foreign nation and foreign corporation (Wikileaks) known to be hostile to this nation’s interests.

---- --- the candidate who now appears to hold the most Electoral votes has repeatedly called into question the integrity of his own election and this certainly gives the American voters serious cause to doubt the legitimacy of the election and, therefore, the legitimacy of his presidency unless otherwise thoroughly proven otherwise."  Read more, and sign the petition.  (no need to contribute, although they ask of course).

Related election manipulation articles. US News and World Report/Paul D. Shinkman, 11/9/16, "How Vladimir Putin Won the U.S. Election." ---- --- Putin has ensured that he got what he wanted out of this year's presidential race. In Donald Trump's victory, Putin has an American counterpart who has publicly stated he will adopt a more amenable policy toward Russia, getting out of its way in Syria and perhaps even overseeing lifting international sanctions. Defense One/Patrick Tucker, 7/24/16, "How Putin weaponized Wikileaks to influence the election of an American President." "Evidence suggests that a Russian intelligence group was the source of the most recent Wikileaks intel dump, which was aimed to influence the U.S. election."  The Atlantic/Adam Serwer, 11/7/16, "How James Comey Has Done Lasting Damage to the FBI-- and the democratic process." "The FBI threw the 2016 election into chaos for nothing. .... ... Comey’s announcement, and subsequent leaks from the Bureau, not only cast suspicion on Clinton days before an election, during a period in which millions of Americans were already voting. .... Manipulate they did. House Republicans asserted that the FBI investigation into Clinton had been “reopened,” and began discussing potential impeachment before the results of the election are even known. Erroneous reports on Fox News suggested an indictment of Clinton was imminent. Clinton’s rival, Donald Trump, spent the next week loudly declaring that “this is bigger than Watergate.”
Related, Electoral College. History.com, "Facts & Summary."  Related article, Time, 11/15/16, "3 common arguments for preserving the Electoral College are all wrong." .... "In addition to 2016, there have been four other times in American history – 1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000 – when the candidate who won the Electoral College lost the national popular vote. Each time, a Democratic presidential candidate lost the election due to this system. For that reason, views on the fairness of the Electoral College are often partisan. Not surprisingly, many Clinton supporters have called for its reform or abolition. But most recent polls indicate that supporters of both parties feel that this 18th-century system of choosing a president should be modified or abolished."
Note photographs.  Rigged from The Marshall Report, 7/31/16," Wikileaks proved voter fraud .. re we going to allow it to continue or stop it?  Putin facepage to  Your News Wire/Sean Adl-Tabatabai, 7/26/16:  DNC Archives (page 4 of 5), "FBI investigate Putin, Trump over DNC email hack."

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Anonymous said...

First George Bush stole the election from Al Gore.

Then he stole another election from John Kerry

Now the Trumpster stole an election from Hillary Clinton.

Either the republicans are really really good or the democrats are spineless.

Anonymous said...

Let's give Trump a chance. We gave Obama a chance.
Both of them are my presidents.

Anonymous said...

Any stirring up George Soros is doing is a direct attack on my rights. Piss off, George. End your anti-American pissing and moaning and leave our US Constitution alone.