Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Affordable housing for School District teachers, coming eventually

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 11/2/16. "Former school site to be converted to housing. PSD board takes first step toward workforce housing at Oddstad School." 

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45 units, 3% traffic increase.
....  "The PSD school board took the first step in developing the site for workforce housing by unanimously voting to seek requests for proposals for a design build contractor. The Oddstad School is not an active school site. ...  Many more public meetings will follow to approve the site plan. It will go before the Planning Commission and City Council, as well.

....  The project would build 45 units and cover 4.5 acres on an 11 acre site, but the PSD board may choose to use another acre, currently open, for 20 more units, PSD board president Matt Levie said.  'All PSD employees would be eligible. ...'   ....  In his clarifying comments, Levie said PSD would be restricted from renting it to anyone other than employees.  Addressing traffic, another study will be made as part of the environmental impact study, but right now, the projection shows a three percent increase in traffic."  Read article.

Related news articles.  Pacifica Tribune/Yasmine Mahmoud, Correspondent, 1/8/16,"Pacifica School District weighs options for Oddstad property." "Pacifica School District continues to weigh its options in its deliberation on what to do with its Oddstad property, a former school site that hasn’t been used to capacity in nearly 10 years. As the land hasn’t been used to its full potential, the Board is looking to put the property to full use by either selling or developing the property."  Fix Pacifica reprints, prior community meetings. Pacifica Tribune/Pacifica School District/Wendy Tukloff, Superintendent, 9/14/16, and Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 11/18/15, "Workforce housing explored for Pacifica."    Note photograph by Yasmine Mahmoud from the related Pacifica Tribune article, 1/8/16.   

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