Tuesday, November 8, 2016

General Election results, November 8, 2016

Mercury News, "2016 Election Results".  Our Region and USA updated as information becomes available.

"Our 2016 general election results are collected from data provided by the California secretary of state and registrars in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara.
On Election Night, Nov. 8, registrars begin posting data shortly after the polls close at 8 p.m. Pacific time and update them throughout the night.
The data that appears on this page is not official. Some figures do not count votes by mail or write-in candidates. County officials have 28 days after the election to certify their results."  View and read more.

Related article.  Pacifica Patch/Renee Schiavone, 11/8/16, "Real-time election results: San Mateo County's 2016 General Election races." Scroll down and view the Shape the Future widget, Midnight update.  City of Pacifica, elected:
1.  City Council members (top 2):  Sue Vaterlaus 5,818 (30.3%), Deirdre Martin 5,373 (27.9%), Mary Ann Nihart 5,302 (27.6%), Bridget Duffy 2,736 (14.2%).
2.  Pacifica School District members (top 2): Jesse D. Levin 6,070 (39.0%), Andrea E. Gould 5,730 (36.8%), Connor Kessler 3,779 (24.3%).
3.  Jefferson Union High School District Board members (top 2): Kalimah Salahuddin 13,554 (34.9%); Andrew Lie 13,111 (33.8%), Roberto A. Marques 12,155 (31.3%). 
4.  Measures N Library Bond (2/3 requirement):  yes 6,788 (53.6%), no 5,871 (46.4%). Failed.
5.  Measure W Quarry housing (50%+1, majority requirement): yes 4,032 (31.6%), no 8,719 (68.4%). Failed.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Tom Clifford said...

Trump President, Sue Vaterlaus & Deirdre Martin Pacifica Council, No library bond, No W.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is just as stupid as the rest of the country.

Mike bell said...

Mike O'Neill. Sue Vaterlaus.
We're counting on you to save Pacifica from itself.

Anonymous said...

Glad we do not have to go to council appointment process or another election.It appears Pacifica wants to save its libraries as is.Quarry revenue is lost.Developer will do what can.

Anonymous said...

President Trump!

Get used to saying it.

mike bell said...

Doea anyone know where to get a sleeping pill that will last 4 years?

Anonymous said...

The Dome of Stupid has fallen over the entire country. Used to just be Pacifica. We're not alone!

Tom Clifford said...

Mike, at the bottom of a Rye whiskey bottle. Apply daily and time will just fly by.