Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Disgusted with election tactics

"Disgusted with the election." by Robert Hutchinson

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Once again, NIMBIES breach ethical
boundaries, negate civic accountability,
and propagandize this City.
"I’m very disgusted. This election was a huge win for scoundrels using lies and deceit to get their way. It affirmed Lincoln's adage about fooling all of the people some of the time. The top office taker in D.C., the anti quarry campaign, and Mary Ann Nihart being forced to pull out, all based on deception. The strategy is to scare voters with statements such as 'the quarry developer can build 206 four-story-high housing units in Rockaway' - John Mayberry 11/2/16. 

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And locally, the Tribune?
And did our hometown paper attempt to correct any of these mistruths, lies and distortions?  No, it seemed they did the opposite by allowing a 'reporter' with no growth bias, and a no growth 'opinion writer' to write a string of slanted and untrue pieces, while the reporter and the newspaper itself failed to ask hard questions. Example, did city council candidate Deirdre Martin believe in planned retreat which involves abandoning Beach Blvd similar to their last candidate John Keener? It turns out she does. 

Don’t even get me started about these same opportunists taking no steps to try to save Nihart from having to withdraw.  They didn't even try by asking the Dems to withdraw the endorsement, or by asking Nihart what they could do. The Chronicle reported that Nihart would still win if she got the most votes, and that city council could then appoint her to council. But the Tribune failed to inform voters of that.  Now a third term popular incumbent candidate who has done so much for this city lost by about 100 votes. Disgusting.

The old Tribune of the 80’s & 90’s is alive and well. If nothing is done to the people responsible I won’t be renewing and paying them to spread disinformation. I would call for all advertisers and readers that feel the same way to email the Tribune Publisher shermfrederick@gmail.com ."

Submitted by Robert Hutchinson

Note:  the above Letter to the Editor was rejected from the Pacifica Tribune.  Photograph/graphics. Breaking News.. by Getty from US News and World Report/Rachel Dicker, 11/14/16, "Avoid These Fake News Sites at All Cost."  Anderson Cooper CNN news, from Epictrap.com, Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US tyranny & treason.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Tribune is actually better.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that the Tribune rejected this letter, it contains many blatantly false accusations, such as the claim that Martin and Keener oppose protecting Beach Blvd., when both have made it clear that they wish to protect it and support Jackie Speier's attempts to secure funding.

Anonymous said...

OK, @6:12. If you're right and there's no retreat to manage, why are they both in favor of "Managed Retreat"?

Hutch said...

Really 6:12? Too chicken to use your real name Pete?

Tell us again about this alternate reality.

Keener has blabbed his crap all over the Bay Area about implementing planned retreat in West Sharp Park for 2 years.

Jackie Speier after speaking to Keener asked a Pacifica politician if this guy is for real.

And Martin refused to state she did not feel the same way about Beach Blvd until it was looking like it was hurting her. Even then she still said she believe's in planned retreat.

Did major backers of Martin put Nihart's dropping out on blast to make sure voters wouldn't select her? YES!

Did Martin or her campaign call the SM Democrats and ask if they could withdraw their support or do anything? No.

Did they attempt to tell voters that Nihart was still a viable candidate even after the Chronicle story saying she was? NO!

Did the campaign or Martin attempt to do anything (even if they thought it was too late)? NO.

Did they make matters worse by making sure that endorsement was printed and posted everywhere even though THEY KNEW that was the last nail in the coffin? YES!

Smells like sheet, tastes like sheet...guess what?

Anonymous said...

11:17 makes as much sense as an evolution denier asking "if we came from monkeys how come there are still monkeys?" It exposed a fundamental ignorance of the subject.

Please read and reread the following sentence until it sinks in:

Managed retreat means studying the situation, looking at all the options available including armoring, beach nourishment (adding sand), and yes, allowing natural processed to occur, doing a cost benefit analysis that takes into consideration the monetary value and cultural significance of the affected properties, and coming up with a plan that is best suited for that location.

Beach Blvd, in the publicly expressed opinion of Keener and Martin, is Pacifica's clearest example of an area that should be preserved with further armoring.

The Watcher said...

6:12, early on Deirdre came out with Keener in support of managed retreat. When there was a massive push-back from West Sharp Park she walked it back. Keener has said on the record that he would never vote to spend ANY money west of Hwy 1 because it was all destined to fall in the ocean anyway. His main argument against the library location was that it was too close to the ocean, which by the way, was repudiated by an expert in a presentation at a council meeting. When Keener attempted one of his "I'm the smartest guy in the room" routines the expert schooled him like a truculent school brat.
Don't fantasize our history trying to make your own twisted view of what you want it to be.

Anonymous said...

"Managed retreat" is the new mantra for the simpletons who want nothing for Pacifica.
It's much easier to go with the flow. Don't want to disturb those neurons and dendrites.
That's why they don't wash their hair or clean their feet. They're just going to get dirty again anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 7:12am -- Actions matter, words don't, so I'll believe that Keener isn't for managed retreat when he votes FOR a project located in West Sharp Park. Just one. So far he's voted NO every...single...time.

Keener is against ANY new construction anywhere in West Sharp Park. Full stop. His votes are the evidence.

Keener not only disagreed with a neutral expert analyzing the effect of future sea level rise on the library site, he disagreed with TWO!

Keener dismissed all the data that indicated the site was fine to build on and latched onto the once-in-a-thousand-years possibility that we will have ocean rise PLUS a storm surge PLUS a king tide PLUS a tsunami of at least 3 meters in height -- all at the same time -- that the experts admit would flood the site. Oh, by the way, this event would also flood the ENTIRE coastline neighborhoods and inundate all of lower Linda Mar, so the flooding of a new library would be the least of anyone's worries.

But yeah, flooding MIGHT happen once in a thousand years during some series of freak events, so let's not build anything ever for anyone.

Keener isn't practicing Managed Retreat because he's not "managing" anything. This is a full surrender.

Anonymous said...

Two questions. How come there are still monkeys and why would anyone without a kid on a sports team subscribe to the Tribune?

Anonymous said...

There's no reason to subscribe anymore.

People used to be drawn to the Trib for the letters and local opinion pieces. Now that stuff can be found everywhere -- Riptide, Fix, Next Door, Facebook, etc. Why would anyone pay to see much less of the exact same stuff in print?

Print is dead, baby.

Wake up Pacifica said...

Tribune print is dead cuz Northrup only prints the propaganda of the NOBY's.
NOBY's just read the ragged free copies lying around in coffee shops.
NOBY's don't buy anything so advertisers should stop wasting their money.
NOBY's are killing this town and it's free press.

Anonymous said...

Actually 432 print is not dead. Do you know only 10% of all US retail sales are done online? And that Covered Ca failed to reach Hispanics because they were only advertising online? Ask yourself why every major ad agency spends half of their budget in print and 7% online. Why Safeway, Lowes, Sears, Luckys, Riteaid, JCP etc., spend so much time and money doing weekly print ads. Because it kicks a$$. Maybe not the Tribune with their measiy 3500 circulation. But real papers do work. Which is faster? Try to search online for the latest Subway coupons? Or reach over and pick up this weeks flyer? Yes "everything is online". Including so much inacurate and outdated crap it takes forever to find out what's real. But you can bet if an advertiser paid to have their offer in this weeks paper that it's real

Anonymous said...

I agree print is not dead. What I said was Tribune print is dead. It's an enviro biased NOBY fluff flyer.
How many times can you read about someone getting an award for picking up trash?

Anonymous said...

Spot on, 3:37.

One of the (many) mistakes K-Mart made involved their printed sales circulars.

They were very, very effective, but ran so often that people would only make purchases based on the sales circulars. In effect, the acted as catalogs with the items permanently on sale.

K-Mart tried to wean people off the circulars and to move to an online advertising model and revenue plunged. They weren't reaching their base via online advertising. They eventually had to go back to the print model, but it was too late, the damage had been done, and they never recovered.

There are a bunch of other reason why K-Mart was driven into bankruptcy, but this is my long winded way of saying you're absolutely right, 3:37.