Sunday, April 10, 2016

YIMBIES are part of the solution: affordable housing, Half Moon Bay

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NO to that!
Half Moon Bay Review/Deborah Penrose, Half Moon Bay City Councilmember, (Opinion), 4/6/16.  "Yes, let's find affordable housing in our backyard."

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YES to this!
"We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We are rightly proud that we have the good fortune to be here. Some of us have been here for generations and some arrived recently. We are here because we love our coastal paradise.
....  We need affordable housing. It’s time to stop saying, 'Not in my backyard'.  It’s time to say, 'I am responsible for my neighbor.' If we don’t, we will become a community of the selfish, well-to-do and insulated elderly. We need our young people to stay and work here instead of driving them away. Any healthy community accommodates those who will serve the basic needs of those lucky enough to hire them. And, most important, a healthy community supports all of its members for the good of all.

I urge all citizens to please become part of the solution. Let’s build affordable housing here and now. Let’s get together and come up with ideas that work. We will lose it all if we can’t see clearly that compromise and generosity are necessary. We need a willingness to give up a little of what we have to those whose need is so great. There are good and practical solutions. It is a regional problem. Other towns have come up with innovative, inexpensive and attractive approaches to solve the problem. .... The response we need is YIMBY: 'Yes, In My Backyard'." Read article.

Note graphics. "Yes" from PCC Farmland Trust. "No" NIMBY from Barts MS Blog.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

If you want affordable housing look outside California.

Anonymous said...

one of the biggest Pacifica affordable housing advocates is gloria stofan and she lives in Rockaway. I expect her to advocate affordable low income housing when the development in far east rockaway takes place. Nothing better than low income housing advocates walking the walk in their own neighborhood. Or better yet a second unit in their own houme...

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone advocate for more housing in Rockaway?
Chuck Gust said it best last week. You can't even turn your car around when the farmer's market is there.

Stofan is an anti Trump proponent of rent control and just cause eviction.
She has never been an advocate of more housing in Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the people who can't afford the Bay Area cost of living, but whining, complaining, bitching about high rents in the highest housing cost in the country is worthless. If you can't afford the area move to a cheaper area. People not only want cake but they want ice cream and cherries. Move. Simple. Go out into the Central Valley. Get a smaller house or apartment, downsize.

Government assisted housing, is just warehousing the poor.

Anonymous said...

719, no people just want to be able to keep their kids in the same school, prevent their parents from getting evicted, and not be in a homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...


The federal government and our brilliant house and senate helped run up trillions in debt. The state was near bankruptcy during the economic panic and downfall in 2008, the State has come improved but they have a billion dollar pension shortfall.

Don't get me started about the fiscal mess Pacifica is in. The County of San Mateo has money but they won't bail Pacifica out.

The city leaders were in a coma for the past 35 years listening to the wise nimby leaders, John Curtis, Peter Loeb, Nancy Hall, and the rest of those vagabonds.

The city has done nothing to improve the BMI Below Medium Income housing in Pacifica. The money in town went to build trails, pet projects like Nancy Hall's Bio-Diesel plant, a million dollar frog pond at the police station. The last multi family rental property I have seen built is the small apartment building by the Golf Course.Pacifica has plenty of small infill lots around town, to build smaller BMI housing.

You can not mention build new housing or apartments in town, without the gang of no coming out and screaming traffic, too many people, we don't want to make our city look like any other city that has revenue.