Friday, April 22, 2016

City road maintenance and infrastructure tax, why not

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 4/20/16. "Pavements need fixes; revenues in decline."

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"City Council heard a report about the poor condition of some of the pavements with little money budgeted to pay for repairs. Gas tax revenue has been the primary source of pavement maintenance for the city, said Van Ocampo, director of public works.'Unfortunately, with more fuel efficient vehicles on the road, the city’s revenue from gas tax has dropped by almost 28 percent, from a maximum of $1.2 million in years past to $870,000 for the coming fiscal year 2016-17. There is only enough gas tax and Measure A revenues for stop gap maintenance to our local streets and roads,' he said.

A grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission pays for a consultant’s services and report about the quality of the city streets. The quality of city streets average 55 on a “pavement condition index,” the report states. 'This is four points lower that when the previous survey was conducted in 2012. This places our local streets at second to the bottom when compared to other cities in San Mateo County,' Ocampo said. That is because Pacifica does not budget enough to pay for repairs.

'Pacifica has relied solely on grants for paving projects; grants which have been scarce and more competitive,' Ocampo said. That results in only the arterial roads being repaved as they affect the most people, Ocampo stated.  Pacifica would need to budget $40 million over five years to address the maintenance backlog on city streets. The city has far less than that, only $300,000 for “stop gap” measures, Ocampo said.

When brainstorming how to generate more funds to pay for pavement repairs, Mayor Sue Digre said she’d like the city attorney to investigate a potential traffic mitigation fee for heavy users, such as large delivery trucks. Mayor Pro Tem Mike O’Neill said he’d like to see if certain neighborhoods, Vallemar, for example, would support a tax measure for pavement repairs."

Note photograph by Bill Lackey from Springfield News-Sun (IL), Michael Cooper, Staff Writer, 9/20/14, City sees tax increase as only way to fix Springfield street."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Pacifica should encourage low density by way of lower taxes, permitting fees etc for large lot homes.

The condition should be have a large lot but small energy efficient home. That is the only way to fix the failing infrastructure without going into debt.

Anonymous said...

How astoundingly stupid can you be? Low density (aka suburban sprawl) is exactly why our economy and environment are failing. High density, public transit friendly high efficiency use of infrastructure is the greenest thing you can do. You must have studied environmentalism with Nancy Hall and Peter Loeb.

Steve Sinai said...

High density areas are much more energy efficient than low density areas.

Wake up people!! said...

" Mayor Sue Digre said she’d like the city attorney to investigate a potential traffic mitigation fee for heavy users, such as large delivery trucks"

Does mean we set up toll gates?

So let's discourage more business!!!! Just another reason why Pacifica is goign down the tubes!!

Sharon said...

The days of people blindly supporting any tax measures are gone. Now that everyone can see exactly how much public sector workers are paid and the great benefit packages they have, most folks are no longer interested in supporting that and weary that taxes are not going where they were solicited for.

Anonymous said...

Julie Lancelle, sent a letter to other cities asking them to share the sales tax windfall with Pacifica. Cause people from Pacifica shop over the hill.

Anonymous said...

Lancelle is the epitome of the idiotic, welfare hunting losers who claim to know what's best for Pacifica. Even though this is old news, it is still extremely embarrassing. These NIMBY's have no work ethic or understanding of how the world works. They actually think that people outside of Pacifica can be fooled into supporting their "I Got Mine" philosophy of life. They believe they are entitled.
No wonder we are the laughing stock of the entire bay area.

Anonymous said...

"idiotic ... losers ... no work ethic ... no understanding of how the world works ... "
Yet they are so much more successful than you.

Anonymous said...


Please take your medication.

Anonymous said...

In your pot addled dreams.

Anonymous said...

You keep whining about how the NIMBYs control everything and are ruining the town, yet you say they are losers and no work ethic and no understanding of how the world works. Which is it? They have too much power and control in this town or they're losers who don't know how to do anything? Can't be both.

Kathy Meeh said...

604, how about: losers have planned, plotted, and had a great "work ethic" in ruining this City. They sure knew, and know, how to do that-- pure genius in not caring "how the world works" (balanced City economy), or giving a damn for or about the rest of us!
"They have too much power and control in this town", they are losers. Can be both, glad you asked.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we have money borrowed from street repair fund and City is not paying back.Payment on hold!Let the patch jobs continue!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh said, ""They have too much power and control in this town", they are losers. Can be both."
The Red queen said, "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
- Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Kathy Meeh said...

246, confused? Need a picture definition of "Loser". Here's one.

While your comment drifts through shares of "The Looking Glass", 35+ years of Gang of No, NIMBY control and deconstruction of this City is definite and observable.

amy vegan said...

what pacifica really needs is to underground ALL the ugly utility wires (for example, manor drive from skyline blvd west) to raise our property values, bring in more people and get samtrans on board w/better commute transit options.

Anonymous said...

Amy Vegan, would you happen to know how much it would cost per lineal mile to under-ground the said ugly utility wires? Also, would you be willing to pay (out-of-your-pocket) for this under-grounding of the ugly utility wires to the limit of your property?