Monday, April 25, 2016

Mixed-use Quarry development proposal, housing

San Francisco Examiner/Brendan P. Bartholomew, 4/24/16.  "Old rock quarry in Pacifica a possible site for housing development."

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Pacifica Quarry, just off Highway 1, zoned commercial
"The latest proposal to redevelop an old rock quarry in Pacifica could head to voters for approval in November.  .... Property owner Paul Huele plans to build about 200 homes, as well as a 200-room hotel, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, office space, and a concert amphitheater at the former limestone quarry.

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Proposed mix-use (housing), vote 11/16
....  The 86-acre site is zoned for commercial use. That means a purely commercial development at the quarry could proceed without voter approval, but would require authorization from the Planning Commission, City Council, and California Coastal Commission.  However, because the project includes housing, voters must approve rezoning the property.
 ....  The current proposal keeps 75 percent of the land as open space, and includes extensive wetlands habitat restoration, along with new hiking trails, upgrades to existing trails and the removal of invasive species.

 ....  Peter Loeb said he opposes the development, in part because it would add to the already congested traffic on Highway 1.  ....  But Mayor ProTem O’Neill noted the added tax revenues from the proposed development could appeal to voters in a town still recovering from the economic upheaval in 2008. “We’ve gone through a recession, and people want their streets fixed,” O’Neill said."   Read article.

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Some of the property looks like this
Reference, the Quarry project.  Website, The Quarry Restore and Connect.  The Real Estate investment company,  Eenhoorn, LLC.  Conceptual rendering, Gunderson Planning and Design, May 2014, "A new urbanist illustrative plan for Pacifica, CA," (scroll down the blog page).

Reference, City of Pacifica.  Planning, proposed reclamation, General plan, Future development potential, pdf pages 28.  Planning Commission Study Session: Agenda, 4/4/16, pdf pages 24,  PCTV,  entire meeting video, 4/4/16, 2 hours, 10 minutes.

Note photograph/graphics. Site development (in red) from The Quarry Restore and Connect/The Opportunity.  Broad area view, face page image to Coastsider/Backgrounder: The Quarry Vote/Ken Restivo, 8/17/06.  Quarry limestone, greenstone from Mamma Quail Hiking California, 11/26/14, scroll nearly to the end, caption "Eventually we got down to the bottom of the old quarry. Where once stood a hill like Mori Point is now a big white scar of rock and a flat and dry lime-white earth."

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Steve Sinai said...

"Peter Loeb said he opposes the development, in part because it would add to the already congested traffic on Highway 1."

The same hippie-crit that is suing to keep the highway from being widened.

Anonymous said...

More the reason to: just say no to drugs.

Children of Pacifica please. Take your vitamins, eat your spinach, do your homework, and please just say NO to drugs.

Don't follow m y advice you may turn out like Peter Loeb

Anonymous said...

I would like the City of Pacifica to buy the Quarry and turn it into a beautiful coastal park for all. There. I said it. Now bring on the no-sayers. I would also like a state-of-the-art Library at the WWTP, and a City Council Chamber, Chamber of Commerce Chamber, Health Food Smoothie Store, and apartments. That's all. Carry on.

Anonymous said...


Do you realize the city is almost bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a brilliant comment from the Lancelle team. No clue and in complete denial of Pacifica's economic malaise brought on by the same group.

Anonymous said...

I want a pony.

Anonymous said...

I want a pink pony that poops strawberries!

Sharon said...

The question is: what doesn't Peter Loeb oppose?

Anonymous said...

Anything that benefits him and makes him feel like a man.

Mark said...

1256 the only thing Lobe doesn't oppose is the school parcel tax.
Communists love it when the government takes from everyone and gives to the few who have already misspent their money.

Anonymous said...

Lancelle, Bray, Curtis, Verby,deJarnutt,
Goldberg, Ghost of Vreeland, Hall,.......

Anonymous said...


Peter Loeb, doesn't mind divvying up the money for attorney fees with his attorney buddies!

Anonymous said...

Loeb is a menace to Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

It's to bad for Pacifica that Peter Loeb is still relevant. Take a ride down Standish and Dell Road. It's comical the streets are repaired with "asphalt patches" rather than properly paved after sewer lateral replacement was done. Deteriorating streets and roads are numerous. Still can't wrap my brain around the Grocery Outlet store in Pedro Point ... who's idea was that? God forbid Pacifica put in a Trader Joe's store or likewise to attract shoppers from nearby. Pretty confident not many people come to Pacifica other than the beach because of our limited options. Pacifica need REAL development besides fast food restaurants like Panda Express and Chipolte. Development = $$$$ = better schools, better city services, better city infrastructure ... it goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

10:01: Learn how the world works. The city doesn't decide what stores go where. Whose idea was it to put the Grocery Outlet store in Pedro Point? Duh - it was Grocery Outlet's idea. And Pacifica does not decide to put in a Trader Joe's. That's up to Trader Joe's. They have repeatedly said they don't want a store in Pacifica. Not a big enough market, not enough people nearby.

Chris Porter said...

1:34 PM is exactly right. Trader Joe's was approached for a few different spots in town and passed on them all. Michael's Craft Store was another one that passed. I certainly would like something in the corner of Linda Mar Shopping Center besides a broken down building as a visual as you enter town.

Unknown said...

Better to have the property occupied by Grocery Outlet than sitting vacant. Grocery stores do not generate and appreciable sates tax revenue but they do provide jobs, and the competition with Safeway is good for everyone. The shopping center doesn't look terribly "broken down" to me at this point. It looks better than Palomar, that's for sure.

Wake Up Pacifica said...

Loeb is only relevant to the losers he hangs with. More and more Pacificans have realized that our city is in a sorry state of disintegration because we are broke.
We are broke thanks to the policies of these faux-enviro, NOBIES who have been in charge for the last 3 decades and have blocked every opportunity that has come our way to create a sustainable economy.
Time to sweep these pot-puffers aside and get on with the business of restoring Pacifica to it's rightful place as a beautiful and healthy community on one of the most magnificent coastlines in the world.

Stephanie said...

The proposal is to amend the existing ordinance that gives the voters the right to vote on zoning changes. If the proposal were to pass the voters no longer would be able to vote on future commercial to residential zoning changes. This is the most important part of the proposal and is not being mentioned. Pacifica is unique in that the voters have the say on zoning changes. Developers have tried many times before to have this property rezoned away from commercial to residential and the voters have voted against it. Residential development is much more profitable for the developers. This developer is being dishonest in his presentation to the voters.