Sunday, April 17, 2016

Approval of affordable senior housing near downtown, South San Francisco

The Daily Journal (a weekly information post), 4/16/16. "Government Watch. City Government, South San Francisco."

Rotary Senior Housing Rendering
Rotary planned Senior Housing approved
near downtown South San Francisco.
Always some people are unhappy.
"The South San Francisco City Council unanimously approved a proposal to construct 80 units of affordable housing for seniors during a meeting Wednesday, April 13 (2016)/

The project, proposed by the South San Francisco Rotary Club, will be built on properties owned by the city near 301 Miller Ave., a few blocks from downtown.

Seventy-one of the units will be reserved for seniors making half the county’s annual median income, and the rest will be set aside for those who get an income equaling 30 percent of the prevailing median wage."

Reference, City of South San Francisco.  City Council Agenda, 4/13/16, see Public Hearing, Item 11 (Note: the staff report in the Agenda is 537 pdf pages if accessed).  "Request to approve a Mixed-Use Senior Affordable Housing Project at 310-314 Miller Avenue and an adjacent parking lot (APN 012-311-060), collectively referred to as '300 Miller Avenue' ... "  Google location map, 300 Miller Avenue, South San Francisco.

Related article.  Everything South City, 4/12/16. "Rotary Senior Housing Plans Before City Council.. 4/13/16." "The South San Francisco City Council meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday April 13th, will include a public hearing on the proposed Affordable Senior Housing to fill 4 small vacant lots (one is a parking lot) in the downtown area on Miller Avenue and Tamarack Lane. The .56 acre would be home to a 5 story (65′) to include 81 units; 80 for low to moderate income seniors (over 55 years of age) and 1 unit for the manager. A community room would also be available for SSF Rotarians use.  Neighbors site parking, traffic and blocking of light as the major concerns, while acknowledging more affordable housing is needed. A neighborhood meeting by the developer was held last July with only 10 residents in attendance. As this neighborhood is under the Historic Old Town Homeowners and Renters Association oversite, it appears there has been no outreach to give voice to the neighbors concerns, once again missing an opportunity to help build a stronger neighborhood."   

Note:  graphic rendering of the senior housing building from Everything South City. For a large rendered view of the completed project, see two (2) slides  HKIT Architects.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

This is what should be down behind Park Mall. That project was doomed to fail when Pacifica's 3 stooges got involved. Stewie Newton and Mike Diaz from the infamous Skyfield USA, Javier, and that guy from the Esplanade Apartments and that mess of a ranch behind Terra Nova High School. Milton Tong.

Also the flat parcel in front of St Peter's Church was to be BMI(Below Market INcome) Apartments or Senior Apartments. St Peter's and Catholic Charities wanted to develop this parcel only for the battle cry of the "gang of no" made them shelf the project.

Victor Spano / Pacifica Rotary Club said...

South San Francisco has a great Rotary Club! They already have Rotary Plaza down there on Alida way by the El Camino McDonalds, built in the 1960s.


I would love to tear a page from their book and have our Rotary Club somehow involved in senior housing like SSF.

While I'm at it, Rotary Club of Pacifica is sponsoring a VETS WALK to benefit Afghan / Iraq era war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who are rehabbing at "A Pathway Home" in Yountville, CA on Memorial Day. Come join us and register at our site:

Anonymous said...

Victor Spano are you running for city council this fall?

Anonymous said...

Pacifica can have an all star city council of.

Alan Greenspan
Bill Gates
Warren Buffett
Carlos Slim
William Rockefeller

These guys couldn't make the heck of a mess that is called Pacifica, prosper.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sinai, are you running for city council this fall?

Unknown said...

No. Busy. Best wishes to those who do!

Anonymous said...

311 Sure they could, but we're stuck with guys like those mentioned on 4/17 @ 8AM. The same fingerprints on so many duds.

Anonymous said...

Please run Victor, Pacifica needs solid development candidates like you to balance out all the environimbies like John Keener ruining this place.

You took a beating in the last election, but it couldn't be that bad this time. At least give it a try.